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16019CE bearing 95X145X16mm

16019CE Bearing 95X145X16mm

The ceramic bearings have the characteristics of anti-magnetic insulation, abrasion resistant, oil-free self-lubricating and enduring extreme

6919CE  bearing 95X130X18mm

Ceraamic Ball

Deep Groove Ball bearing 69/750MA


Deep Groove Ball bearing 69/750MA


No response - I did not receive any responses after sending an inquiry to Li Wendy few days ago.
By Nicole Lau - Dec 23, 2014 - More...

BT40 milling chuck dring tool holder BT40-ER32 end mill arbors

BT40 Milling Chuck Dring

BT40 milling chuck dring tool holder BT40-ER32 end mill arbors
Place of

BT SK CAT tool holders CNC end mill adapters

Machine Tool

QKG precision vise ,CNC precision milling machine for cnc machine tool accessories


Keyless drill chuck Used in lathe /milling machine .drilling bench.electric hand and woodworking machine etc

Drill chucks

TEAMWHOLE DTH Hammers for rock drilling,mining,water well,construction


Teamwhole DTH hammer
1. Easy operation and maintenance
2. Easy disassemly.
3. Reliable quality, long service

Teamwhole DTH bit with shan DHD COP QL SD MISSION BR NUMA from diameter 75mm to 1000mm

Mining Machinery

Ashely Lei
Ashely Lei

2 Products changsha , China/Hunan

Drilling & Cutting Tools

Drilling & Cutting Tools

Construction tools are mainly used in bridge building, trench excavation, subsurface boring, road construction, etc. The extensive use of

construction tools,cutter bit


construction tools,cutter bit

Milling Cutter

YT27 pneumatic air leg rock drill

YT27 Pneumatic Air Leg Rock

The series of pneumatic rock drills are mainly used in mine, railway, water irrigation works and

YT28 air leg pneumatic rock drill

Drilling Rig

YT28 air leg penumatic rock drill

Drilling Rig

Chisel Rock Drill Bits

Drill Bit

ER collets DIN6499B

ER Collets DIN6499B

ER collets
1. All types of ER collets conform to the DIN 6499B Standard
2.Made of

Mechanical edge finder 10x4

Machine Tool

Machining Part/ Connector/ Connecting Plate/ Auto Part

Machining Part/ Connector

Machining part/ Connector/ Connecting plate/ Auto part Description:
1. Standard: GB, JIS, DIN, ASTM, BS and non-standard;

Satellite Rotor / Polymer Polyethylene Products / UHMW Part


Machining Parts / Aluminum Fitting / Collect Plate


High Precision Casting Gearbox Housing

Casting materials

Am in urgent need of your product - Hello,

My name is Morgan Destiny,

Sales Representative Golden vibe trades and construction Ltd, I am writing to inquire about the availability? product which i have seen on your website and I’m very interested.

I appreciate if you can send me an email of the lastest product you have in your company and prices so I can see before taking a decision. I have confidence in your commitment to quality.

I also appreciate if you could send me the price of one unit as well as discounts on bulk orders. I need to take a decision in the coming few days so it’s really very important that I receive this information as soon as possible.

Awaiting your reply.

Kindest Regards,

Morgan Destiny.

Address: 13 Golden,douglas,Alaska,USA

Phone: +1 505 969 401

Company Name:Golden vibe trades and construction Ltd
By Morgan Destiny - Sep 17, 2018 - More...
广交会摊位服务 - 嗨i,问一下18年春季的广交会有计划参加么?我们可以提供展位,价格优惠,超多好位任您选择。13119540216 (微信同号)欢迎来电咨询

High quality fishing reel mini bearing MR85ZZ MR63ZZ

High Quality Fishing Reel

fishing reel mini bearing MR85ZZ MR63ZZ
1. MR85ZZ d 5 D 8 B 2.5mm
2. MR63ZZ d 3 D 6 B 2.5mm
3. mini bearing

MR85ZZ sliding door roller wheel China miniature ball bearing

Deep Groove Ball

higher accuracy and smoothness Bearing MR85ZZ

Deep Groove Ball

South America best selling Pillow block bearings P205


Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu

17 Connections 23 Products Qianshan county, China (Mainland) 1  review

About bearing - good supplier, good quality!
By alice Xie - Jul 28, 2015 - More...

3211/3221 Series Steel Sprocket Accumulating Roller

3211/3221 Series Steel

1.Typical telescope-feed accumulation, the accumulation power is decided by the load and automatically adjustable in some scale.
2.Accumulation cover is made of polyamide, which is self-lubricating and abrasion

Polymer Sprocket Driven Roller(2214/2224)


2214/2224 Series Polymer Sprocket Rolle


Steel Sprocket Roller(3211/3221)


Detailed Supplier - I recently got in touch with Ronan Shen of Zhejiang Damon Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd because of my interest in their company’s Polymer Sprocket Roller. He responded 2 days after I sent the inquiry. He courteously asked me technical details about their product that he would gladly answer thru email. Ronan obviously knows his industry pretty well. He even provided a brief description about their company which is good to know. He is also easy to understand, I would rate his English 8 out of 10.
In addition the company is also willing to send sample to have an overview of their product.

I’m still waiting for responses from other manufacturers where I also sent inquiries but I would consider Zhejiang Damon Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd to be one of my suppliers.
By Kimberly Montri - Dec 4, 2014 - More...

Automatic pre-twisted wire forming machine

Automatic Pre-twisted Wire

1, for resistance to wire clip (aluminum wire, galvanized steel wire) and hanging wire clip (aluminum wire) processing.

中欧铁路运输服务 - 中欧国际铁路运输公司是一家专为中欧进出口企业提供专业国际铁路运输的服务商,我们只专注于国际铁路运输!


Sales manager
Sino-euro trains logistics CO., Ltd
Tel: 0755-21031903; MP: 13682624371; QQ: 834303898.
By Alex Wang - Dec 11, 2017 - More...

Automatic Welding Machine for Diamond Saw Blades

Automatic Welding Machine

The types of automatic welding machine include HTWJ-80(0.3-0.8m, manual),
HTWJ-80A(0.2-0.8m, semi-automatic), HTWJ-80B(0.3-0.8m

Automatic Cold Pressed Machine

Other Metal

Automatic Screening Machine


Automatic Welding Machine for Diamond Saw Blades(HTWJ-06)

Welding Equipment

PDC cutters for coal mining oil gas use

PDC Cutters For Coal Mining

PDC cutters for oil field drilling
This series of PDC cutter is high performance PDC cutters (PCD inserts) designed for PDC oilfield drilling

Metal bond diamond grinding wheels for magnetic materials

Grinding wheels

Electroplated diamond blades for cutting gemstone

Cutting wheels

PCD clamping external turning tools

Turning Tool

Nina Lyli
Nina Lyli

23 Connections 81 Products Zhengzhou/Shenzhen, Henan/Guangdong

Double-row unequal-diameter ball slewing bearing

Double-row Unequal-diameter

Double-row unequal-diameter ball slewing bearing consists of upper and lower row balls, inner and outer rings, separators, grease and sealing device

Single-row crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearing


Single-row four-point contact ball slewing bearing


Three-row roller slewing bearing


Cemented tungsten carbide precision ball and seats

Cemented Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide Balls - TC
All of our products conform to ABMA, DIN 5401 and ASTM F 2215.
We can offer

Tungsten carbide drawing dies, nibs, pellets, moulds

Die & mold

Tungsten carbide ground balls

Other Cutting

2.35 CARBIDE BUR HP dental lab tungsten carbide burr

2.35 CARBIDE BUR HP Dental

HP carbide bur Cutters With Standard Fine Toothing/ Medium
Used for finishing gold, other metals and acrylic plastic

tungsten carbide burr  FOR DENTAL LAB

Carbide burrs

HP dental lab tungsten carbide burr

Dental equipment

HP dental lab tungsten carbide bur

Dental equipment

China grinding wheel factory Shandong Xinfa

China Grinding Wheel Factory

Shandong Xinfa is China grinding wheel factory for vitrified boned grinding wheel, we have more than 25 years manufacture exprience. Our goods

Cara Liu
Cara Liu

2 Products Linyi, 中国

Diameter 300mm milling wheel for grinding stone

Diameter 300mm Milling Wheel

1.Fast ,smooth grinding and long working life
2. price are competitive

Factory direct good quality finger bit with M14 thread

Drill bits

Silent milling wheel with high efficiency

Grinding wheels

continuous type drum wheel with high quality

Grinding Wheel

wire on HN600 Cotton/Yarn Waste Opening Machine

Wire On HN600 Cotton/Yarn

1.HN600 Opening Machine for Textile Waste Recycling
2.advanced technology
3.diameter of rollers:600mm

Fabric Cotton rags recycling Machine

Cotton fabric

Automatic cotton waste recycling Machine for Cotton Waste Recycling machine


HN250 Two Roller Textile Waste Recycling Machine


1A2 Ceramic Diamond Brutting Wheel for Natural Diamond

1A2 Ceramic Diamond Brutting

Diamond bruting wheel is installed on advanced CNC
bruting machines, widely used for polishing and bruting natural diamonds,

6A1 Resin Diamond Grinding Wheel For Thermal Spray Coating

Grinding Wheel

14A1 200mm Metal bond diamond grinding wheel for glass

Grinding Wheel

CBN grinding wheels for band saw blades

Grinding Wheel

granite multi-wire cutting closed loop 7.3mm diamond wire saw

Granite Multi-wire Cutting

Diamond Wire-saws for
Multi-Wire Machines
Suitable for multi-wire
machines to cut

Vaccum brazed Diamond beads for cutting marble

Diamond Cup Wheel

SSJ 55kw Quarry sawing machine for Granite Marble Quarries

Mining Machinery

75kw quarrying wire saw equipment for Granite quarry

Mining Machinery

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