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Track Shipments Shipment Profile 1 Import Shipment Sourcing And Distribution Llc500 South Buena Vista St Burbank ,ca 91521, Usa

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4 Shipments

M/s.disney Merchandise
2,939(K) - 363pieces
Cotton Knitted Mens T.shirts100% Cotton Knitted Mens T.shirts,100% Cotton Knitted Boys T.shirts,100% Cotton Knitted Girls T.shirtsinvoice No Ce-1389/18-19 Dt01.10.18,ce-1390/18-19 Dt 01.10.18, Ce-1391/ 18-19 Dt 01.10.18, Ce-1392/18-19dt 01.10.18, Ce-1393/18-19 Dt01.10.18, Ce-1394/18-19 Dt 01.10.18contract No Cn017908, Cn017909,cn017910, Cn017911,cn017912,cn017913customer Order No S1919, S1918,s1258, S1259, S1260, S1257hs Code 6109 1000customer Som577 Disney Stores Usasb No& Date 8277208 Dt 16.10.20188276701 Dt 16.10.2018, 8276706 Dt16.10.2018, 8277019 Dt 16.10.2018,8277256 Dt 16.10.2018, 8277208 Dt16.10.2018total Nt.wt 2542.200 Kgsfreight Collect60% Cotton 40% Polyester Knittedgirls T-Shirts
Colombo Harbor
Los Angeles, California

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Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
2,939 2,939 2,939
Average Quantity

363 items

Trade Partners

1 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Colombo Harbor 1 Los Angeles, California


Sourcing And Distribution Llc500 South Buena Vista St Burbank ,ca 91521, Usa


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