Upamci Coopca

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 3 Export Shipments 01 Bp 12742abidjan 01

Export History
3 Shipments

Upamci Coopca
555,432(LB) - 3,850pieces
Safcacao Lot N 18202-18203-18204-10803-6319 6322-6317-6325-6330-7790 Produce Of Cote Divoire Cocoa/cacao Gf Ci Dr:16910915 10 Tcs X 40 Disant Contenir 3850 Sacs De Cacao Enfeves Gf Cote D Ivoire Coco A Beans Camp:2015-2016 P/n:249360 Kgs P/b:251940 Kgs Ot:0022/kko/2015/2016 Decl: E 16920 Du 26/08/2016 Ctr:16/p/10562/a Fda:18715305030 Freight Payable In Singapore By Olam Hs Code:180100
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Upamci Coopca
55,739(LB) - 385pieces
Safcacao Lot No 8764 Produceof Cote D'ivoire Cocoa/cacaogf Ci 01 Tc X 40' Disant Contenir 385 Sacs Cacao En Feves Good Fermented Cocoa Beans M/c 2015-2016 Recolte: 2015/2016 Camp.2015/2016 P/n: 25.025 Kgs P/b: 25.283 Kgs Ot No Kko Upamci-1516019decl: E 16070 Du 12/08/2016 Dr.16910895 Freight Collect/freight Payable In Mexico Citycontrat/4a115 268/02 Cy/cy Cc00781 Hs Code: 180100
Port Everglades, Florida
Upamci Coopca
220,374(LB) - 1,540pieces
Safcacao Lot No 18193 18183 18149 18128 Produce Of Cote D'ivoire Cocoa/cacao Gf Ci 04tc X 40' Disant Contenir 1540 Sacs Cacao En Feves Goodfermented Cocoa Beans Recolte: 2015/2016 Camp.2015/2016 P/n: 98.928 Kgs P/b: 99.960kgs Ot No Kko Upamci-1516019dr.16910891 D6 E 16068 Du 12/08/2016 Freight Payable In Mexico City Contrat:16/p/10562/a Fda No 18715305030 Hs Code: 180100 "on Board"
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
55,739 277,181 555,432
Average Quantity

1,925 items

Trade Partners

2 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Algeciras 2 New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Algeciras 1 Port Everglades, Florida


01 Bp 12742abidjan 01


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