Viceroy Houses (2015) Ltd.

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 1 Export Shipment 12211 Horseshoe Wayrichmond Bc V7a 4v4 Canada

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Viceroy Houses (2015) Ltd.
21,120(K) - 20pieces
Wood Sawn Or Chipped Lengthwise, Sliced Or Peeled, - Spf Lumber, Spruce/pine/fir, Kiln Dried Heat Treated 38mm X 95mm Lumber6 Packages(1320 Pcs) X 3048 Mm 3 Packages (660 Pcs) X 3658 Mm 38mm X 95mm Lumber2 Packages (280 Pcs)x 2438 Mm 3 Packages (420 Pcs) X 3048 Mm 6 Packages (840 Pcs) X 3658 Mm 21 Free Demurrage Days At Destination Caed :2016/apr/15/14:21821 080038
Gooch Island, BC
Seattle, Washington

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Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
21,120 21,120 21,120
Average Quantity

20 items

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Gooch Island, BC 1 Seattle, Washington


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