Winko International Products Ltd

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 636 Export Shipments 3/f Kwai Fong Ind. Bldg , 9/15 Kwaicheong Road

Export History
636 Shipments

Winko International Products Ltd
2,523(KG) - 336pieces
Photo Frame
Long Beach, California
Winko International Products Ltd
8,267(K) - 724pieces
Silver Braceletpo#393611hs Code 71131150004 Ctnpo#393611silver Braceleths Code 7113115000 5 Ctnname Card Casepo#393727 , Sku72898425 Ctns , 1500 Pcshs Code 7326.90.3500money Clippo#393727 , Sku72900620 Ctns , 2000 Pcshs Code 7907.00.1000glass Nbpo#393501 Sku#349973qyt 1200pcshts Code 7013.99.9000120 Ctnglass Chpo#393501 Sku#349974qyt 1008pcshts Code 7013.99.900063 392746sku No. 639471description. Love Blngflt Frq Ty 1008 Pcshts Code 8306.30.000063 Ctnpo#392742item#349557athena 8 10 Framehs Code 8306300000167 Ctnspo. 392035,sku No. 590853,600 Pcs, 30 Ctns,hts #7013999000,tz Item 3189r,hgm Rectgl Awd (award)1. Birthday Cake Sgpo 392705 Sku No. 3424718pcs 25 Ctns 200 Pcshts# 70139990002. Love Light Sgpo 392705 Sku No. 3445598pcs 50 Ctns 400 Pcshts# 70139990003. Noahs Ark Wgpo 392705sku No. 6691116pcs 107ctns 642 Pcshts# 92081000004. Carousel Hrs Wgpo 392705 Sku No. 7019698pcs 45 Ctns 360pcshts# 9208100000no Wood Packaging Material........................
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Winko International Products Ltd
2,741(K) - 261pieces
Zinc Alloy Photo Framehs Code 830630as Per Yr Po# Por007264 &por007271california Carb 93120phase 2 Compliantshipment Contains No Wood Packingmaterial (wpm).transhipment Fromshenzhen, China, Tobaltimore, Md,usa Viahong Kong By Truckhs-Code 830630
Hong Kong
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
1 7,929 78,206
Average Quantity

666 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Yantian 80 New York, New York
Yantian 80 Norfolk, Virginia
Yantian 77 Long Beach, California


3/f Kwai Fong Ind. Bldg , 9/15 Kwaicheong Road


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