Longhai Oriland Seafood Co.,ltd.

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 100 Export Shipments .dongyuan Industry Longhai 35 363100cn

Export History
100 Shipments

Longhai Oriland Seafood Co.,ltd.
21,000(KG) - 3,000pieces
Refrigerated Pasteurized Crab Meat
Hong Kong
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Longhai Oriland Seafood Co.,ltd.
57,099(LB) - 3,000pieces
Refrigerated Pasteurized Crab Meat Ob1801 P.o.no.:98970 Temp:0c Vent:closed Fda Registeration No.:15013595728 This Shipment Containsno Solid Wood Packing Materials. Also Notify Party: Bonamar Corp 12380 Nw 116th Ave Medley, Fl 33178 Ph;305-718-9850 Fax;305-718-9420 This Shipment Contains No Wood Packing Mat Erials The Carrier Will Not Be Directly Or Indirectly Responsible For: 1.damage,if Any,resulting From The Poor Quality Of Cargoes And Improper Stowage Of The Cargoes Inside The Container And Also From The Protective And Securing Materials If They Are Unsuitably And Inadequately Used By Shipper. 2.any Discrepancyin Count And Concealed Damage To Article Arising Thereof. All These Are For Shipper 's Risk.
Miami, Florida
Longhai Oriland Seafood Co.,ltd.
25,580(KG) - 3,001pieces
Cargo Is Stowed In A Refrigerated Container Sat The Shipper's Requested Carrying Temperatuof 0 Degrees Celsiusrefrigerated Pasteurized Crabmeatob1802p.o.no.:98971 Temp Set As:0cvent Set As:closedfda Registeration No.:15013595728this Shipment Containsno Solid Wood Packing Materials.305-594-9430marvin Alphabrokers.comalso Notify Partybonamar Corp12380 Nw 116th Ave Medley,fl33178ph 305-718-9850fax 305-718-9420freight Prepaid
Los Angeles, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
10,500 21,039 57,099
Average Quantity

2,922 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Amoy 31 New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Kaohsiung 26 Baltimore, Maryland
Panama Canal - Caribbean 13 Miami, Florida


.dongyuan Industry Longhai 35 363100cn


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