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Meijuan Chen
Meijuan Chen

Meijuan Chen


Company Introduction

Beijing Chuangwen Gas Equipment Co., Ltd renamed in 2000, founded in 1985, produced the very first PSA Normal Pressure Adsorption (NPA), High Purity Nitrogen Generator in 1986. Our company was accredited by China Science Academy to be: 1. The 2nd factory in China to manufacture PSA Nitrogen Generators 2. The 1st factory in China to adopt techniques of Normal Pressure Desorption Over twenty years, Chuangwen has made significant progress by introducing innovative products and by countinually improving quality. In 2002, we were certified with ISO9001:2000. Currently, we provide following products: PSA Nitrogen generators, PSA Oxygen Concentrators / Generators , Membrane Nitrogen Generators, Heatless Regeneration Dryers / Driers, Heated Regeneration Dryers / Driers, Nitrogen Purifiers with Hydrogenation, Nitrogen Purifiers without Hydrogenation, Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide Purifiers, Air Treatment Systems, etc. We have supplied more than 2000 sets of equipment for domestic customers in 29 provinces in mainland China. Our customers in China are Liao Oil Field Corp, Kailuan Colliery, Second and Third Academy - subsidaries of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation , Qingtao Beer Group Corp, Weaponry Department, etc. Our products have also reached overseas customers in North Korea, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and Middle East, etc. With a reputation for uncompromising product quality standard, customer focused approach and prompt after-sales service, we are sought after in Air & Gas industry. Chuangwen has built a team made up with senior management, seasoned business executives, experienced engineers and technicians, who are ready to serve you.

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