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Sarah Ms. Wu
Sarah Ms. Wu

Sarah Ms. Wu


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We, U-Homing will be your reliable supplier of LED lighting, lighting fixture products. We aim to serve our customer while exceeding their expectations by our concept: Price - Running with direct production facilities associated with a network chain of raw materials suppliers from overseas, we guarantee to offer our distributors and their customers the best achievable price of products within marketplace. "Our direct factory pricing will help you to win over your competitors!" Product - Working with customers from worldwide market, we always provide you the best choice products. OEM: Quality - Subject to our strict quality standards, you can rest assured that any product destined for the consumer market has undergone several quality and safety checks before arriving in your market. Custom design and develop: Unique - Creating unique image is our expertise to help you attracting public recognition of your products. Our self-own production facilities enable us to drive new and innovative product designs in order to turn them into practicality! "Give us your requirements and we will provide you the best choice product or build concepts to reality!" Logistic - Partnering with long term contracted and well experienced freight forwarders globally, we offer a seamless and integrated solution in order to make delivery to your hand at the fastest & safest yet economical form possible. The positive impact of every of your order will always be speed-to-market. "After you place an order, leave the rest to us!" Service - Working with you as a friend more than a business partner is our aspiration. Our services are committed through the enthusiasm of our every team members to clearly and fully understand your needs to the bottom our heart. All your inquiries before/during/after an order are always addressed at first priority! "We will treat you as a friend!"

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