Beijing ChipCity Technology Co., Ltd.
Kevin Yang

Beijing ChipCity Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing, China (Mainland)
Address Rm. 3-1313, 13/F, Building 16, Yicheng Jiayuan, Fengtai District, Beijing, China (Mainland)
Personal phone
Office phone 86-10-62410060-8006
ChipCity is a global supplier of smart cards and technology solutions. ChipCity provides clients with smart card ICs, development tools, readers, fingerprint products and smart card operating systems (COS). ChipCity products are applied in Telecommunication, Banking, Finance, Taxation, Pay-TV, Public Security projects and other fields. For STMicroelectronics Company, ChipCity is the important partner of Smart Card ICs and RFID in China. Meanwhile, ChipCity is supported by many silicon manufacturers: ST, Samsung, SST, Atmel, Eon, NXP and others. ChipCity's smart card ICs include ST21F288, ST21F384, ST21Y068, ST23YT34, ST23YT66, ST23YL48, ST23YL80, ST23YR48, ST23YR80, ST23ZR08, ST23ZR144, ST32F416, ST32F512, ST33F1M, ST33F1M5, ST21NFCA, TT40, TT80, S3FC9CD, S3FS92G, S3FS9CV, S3FS92G, S3FS9AV, S3FS9CH, S3FS9QB, S3FS9SD and S3FS91V series. M2M ICs: ST32F320-M, ST32F512-M ChipCity's Smart Card Operating Systems (COS) are for (U) SIM cards, Banking, Finance (EMV, USB keys, Mobile Banking, Mobile Pay and NFC), Taxation ,Pay-TV, Set Top Boxes, Social Services, Citizen ID, Healthcare, Transportation, ETC and Public Security. ChipCity's smart card ICs include CR14, CRX14, LRI2K, LRI64, LRIS2K, SRI2K, SRI4K, SRI512, SRIX4K and SRT512. ChipCity also sells Flash Memories: K4S281632K-UC75, CAT823STDI, EN25B16-75HCP, SST39LF010, SST39LF020, SST39LF040, SST39LF200A, SST39LF400A and SST39LF800A series. For ChipCity, fingerprint products are a new kind of products, including security door locks, access control systems, ID Verification Devices, Safe Boxes, Remote Controllers, Suitcases, Modules, Bio-Character Scanners, Recognition Systems and others. You are welcome to contact us for any help about smart cards! Beijing ChipCity Technology Co., Ltd. 3-1313, Building 16, Chengnan Jiayuan Yichengyuan,City Avenue, Fengtai District, Beijing 100068, China Tel: +86 10 62410060 ext. 8006 Fax: +86 10 62410060 ext. 8004

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Company Name: Beijing ChipCity Technology Co., Ltd.
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Location: Beijing, China (Mainland)
Business Type: Other
Year Established: 2009

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