Detailed Product Description
1. Low noise.
2. Low vibration.
3. Long life.
4. High volume and anti-heat efficiency,
5. High efficiency,

One, the principle and performance characteristics of MFSR series of three lobe roots blower (Dry roots vacuum pump):

1.     Principle: The MFSR series of three lobe roots blower (Dry roots vacuum pump) is a constant volume-free internal compression blower (vacuum pump), It is by a pair of synchronized gear-driven, let a pair of high-precision constant reverse rotation of the rotor, the rotor and the housing capacity of the cavity formed by primitive closed volume of gas discharged from the inlet to the exhaust port to achieve the blower (Pumping gas) purpose of the volume of machinery.

2.     Performance characteristics: The MFSR series of three lobe roots blower (Dry roots vacuum pump) In addition to the general blower’s(The following blowers and dry vacuum pumps are referred to as roots blower or blower) exhaust features(That boost or vacuum change, state of the blower inlet flow rate changes little), the blower does not contain oil and other transmission media, general characteristics, it also has its unique advantages: Using the world's most advanced back into the exhaust port and internal structure, effectively delay the return of high pressure gas shocks, so blower , the vibration and noise is significantly reduced.

Two, Technical conditions:

1.     Media: The MFSR series of roots blower mainly used to transport non-toxic air and inert gas inlet temperature generally not higher than 40 degrees, gas content of the solid particles is not greater than 100mg/m3, not more than the maximum size of particles within the minimum working clearance blowers half.

2.     Life: blower with design life of not less than 10 years before the first overhaul of the safe operation of no less than 1500h.

1. Using advanced spiral back into the exhaust port and within the technique, the body effectively delayed the return of high pressure shock body, so fans, the noise is significantly lower.

2. Rotor the use of advanced composite curve and improve the efficiency of the blower.

3. Sealing structure is reasonable, oil and gas can not enter the device and therefore, the output air is clean, free of grease.

4. High precision, hardened gears, so that further increase machine life and reduce noise.

5. Rotor, cases, wall panels and other key components, to achieve the digital processing, improved product quality and production efficiency.

Standard accessories:

1.General base

2.uction muffler

3.fety valve, check valve

4.ressure gauge, Lubricating oil


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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