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1>composition: silk cotton Blended yarn
2>Yarn count:NM80/2
3>Raw white ,
4>Good quali

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Haiyan Jin Yi Textile Co., Ltd. offers the following products year round:

 1 silk yarn and silk blended yarn

2 cotton yarn and cotton blended yarn

3 flax yarn and flax blended yarn

4 wool yarn and wool blended yarn

5 cashmere yarn and cashmere blended yarn

6 Acrylic yarn and acrylic blended yarn line

7 polyester yarn and polyester blended yarn

8. Viscose yarn and viscose blended yarn

9 bamboo fiber yarn and bamboo fiber blended yarn yarn

10 Modal yarn and Modal blended yarn

11 soybean fiber yarn and soy fiber blended yarn

12 Tencel yarn and Tencel blended yarn yarn

Product specifications: the production of various types of blended yarn 16NM ~ 140NM

 Details: Semi-worsted can be realized cotton, linen, wool, silk and other natural fibers and other new type of man-made fiber, chemical fiber and other short fibers, yarns, whether its production is used in the fine (coarse) or knitted textile fabrics sweater, the product unique style, fabric feel, vertical nature of the bone itself is very new, fresh impression, unlike traditional wool worsted, woolen products style.



Sexy-Charming colors are vivid and rich.
Gorgeous colors inspired by flowers in full bloom.
The rich colors to create a charming and sexy decoration, the formation of a symbol of personal style.
Self-confidence and unusual style, bold color and pattern and color blend.
Precious yarn: wool, wool - cashmere.
Knitted structure:With a large number of modified single-root plain,Such as wrapped or covered.Innovative jacquard luxury ingredients.


The sun-Vivid, bright and exquisite color white with a show of fine - elegant style.
Vivid and cold colors,Such as pink, sky blue,Lilac,Light green,Dark green,Peach
Contrasting colors and a free and modern elements to the innovative blend,Create a happy mood with elegant style.
Mercerized yarnSilk, wool ,Mercerized cotton,Cotton viscose and Flash - ultrafine yarn.
Knitted structure:On a circular machine, a single plain,The applique process and a little three-dimensional structure.



Natural-The natural sense of

Natural-Warm and cold organic color -In contrast with the bright and dark colors.
Natural ecological awareness
Natural organic color:Organic soft light and dark,Warm and cold colors to protect the environment the way to support natural ecological consciousness.
Calm, easy always to balance the color of the guidelines.
Simply use the natural fiber spun yarn to show a simple but elegant style.
Fibers:Cotton - Linen - marijuana or viscose mixed fibers.
Knitted structure:Plain weave, pattern,Through-hole and relaxation structure.




Welcome to the sample to come call Inquiry Contact: Zhong  086-13706831234

Company:    Haiyan  Jinyi Textile   CO.,LTD

Company Address: Liqun Bridge, Henggang Baibu Town, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province. China

Tel :086 -0573-86791387

Fax :086 -0573-86786133


 Ali Want: jinyitex


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Kilogram/Kilograms
Port: shang hai
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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