Teeth Whitening lamp. The blue light accelerate the effect of gel and make your teeth shine only by 15 miniutes.

Teeth whitening lamp:

1. CE Certificate;

2. Remote Controller:

    Improve working efficiency greatly;

3. Lithium Battery: 

    Work without AC power for 45-60 min, solve power failure accident, rechargeable 

4. TWO White LED Checking Light:

    Checking clients teeth status and track the teeth whitening treatment result

5. Light Intensity adjustable and light head adjustable at 270 degree

    Whitening teeth at full range and convenient

6. Foldable Arm and Environment Friend Material

    Save stock and working space, easy carry, save shipping freight.

7. Working Power 100-240V

    Work in every country, no need adapter

8. Wavelength: 410-520nm

    Light strength: 3600MW

    20min timetable set

    High Intensity Light promise the whitening effect, normally 3-14 shades

9. Effecient Cooling System  

10. Mute Working Noise

Whitening Course be enjoyable  


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,Paypal

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