ro water purification machine: using DOW or GE reverse osmosis membrane, grundfos hight pressure pump,omron plc control.

ro water purification machine

A.   About us 

we supply all kinds of water treatment, including RO, UF, EDI and etc.

we can also design a complete system for customers as request.

what's more, we also provide after-sales technical service.

B.   Brief Introduction 

water purification machine, DOW or GE reverse osmosis membrane, grundfos hight pressure pump,omron plc control.Reverse osmosis technology is the most advanced and effective desalting technology in the world for physical separation with macromolecule membrane, reverse osmosis equipment composes of reverse osmosis membrane component which is the core, high pressure multi-level centrifugal pump, high pressure pipe control valve and protective device, and can effectively remove dissolved salt, colloid, bacterium, virus and most organic from water. The reverse osmosis membrane desalt technique features higher efficiency, cost effective and reliable compared with common ion exchange and distilling method, and is widely applied in such industries as electronics, power, photovoltaic, beverage, medicine, middle water recycling and sea water desalination etc.

C.   Application: 

The reverse osmosis desalination technique is widely applicated in indurstries like, pharmacy, beverage, electonics, machinery manufacturing, textile, seawater desalination, and etc.

D.   System Flowchart:

Raw water→Degassing tower→ Raw water supply pump→Multi-medium filter→Activated carbon filter→Security filter→High-pressure pump→Reverse osmosis→ pure water tank→Water use point

Model RO-1000I(2000L/H)
1. Capacity of pure water 2000L/H 25 degrees
2. General power 4.75KW
3. Electrical power AC380V 8.8A 50Hz
4. RO membrane CPA2 4040 8 items (single grade RO purifying process)
5. Multi-phases pump CDL4-220/4.0KW 1 item
6. Beforehand filter Dia.450 x 1650 2 items
7. Water softener RS-3 Ion Exchange tube Dia.450 x 1650 1 item
8. Auto controller 180/440 3 items
9. PP sediment membrane Dia.90 x 1000 3 items
10. Booster pump BLC70/0.75KW 1 item
11. Quartz sand filter 250Kg.
12. Active carbon filter 125Kg.
13. Cation in water softener 100L
14. Dimension 4800 x 700 x 2050mm

F.   Outstanding Advantages:

1. 97% Desalination Rate.
2. 75% Recovery Rate.
3. Low Operation Cost.
4. Realiable and Stable.
5. Easily Control and Maintained.
6. ECO product.


FOB Price: FOB USD 10000~1000000 / Unit
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets fittings available
Port: Foshan
Payment Terms: T/T

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