mineral water filter(ultrafiltration system)
effectively remove organic,bacterium,virus,colloid and non-ion suspende

mineral water filter(ultrafiltration system)

Ultrafiltration is a purification, separation or concentration of semipermeable membrane in separation techniques for solution. After more than 20 years rapid development, it has become one of the widest techniques in membrane separation field. It widely uses in food and beverage, chemical electron, biological construction for environmental protection, etc.

Ultrafiltration membrane is the anisomerous semipermeable membrane made of macro molecule material as the separation method without phase transition for solution, and can remove particles whose molecule weight ranges 1,500-100,000 Dalton,and can effectively remove organic,bacterium,virus,colloid and non-ion suspended solid.

Application field:
1. Pure and ultrapure water equipment,
2. No bacterium no heat raw water equipment for pharmacy,
3. Purification for beverage, drinking water and mineral water,
4. Separation, concentration and purification in industry
5. Wastewater treatment, electrophoretic coating, electroplating, oil wastewater treatment, etc.

(1) Low power consumption, can operate in normal temperature and low pressure
(2) Small size,simple structure,low investment
(3) The processing in only liquid transpotation by pressure, so the flow chat is simple and easy to operate and mamage.

(4) Treatment capacity can be 1-100 ton per hour.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets Negotiable
Port: Foshan,Guangzhou,Shenzhen
Payment Terms: T/T

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