More Accurate, Safer and More Convenient!
14 ventilation modes;For adult, child, infant;
Classic design.

More Accurate,Safer and More Convenient!

  • Equipped with 14 ventilation modes to satisfy the anesthesia demands of different patients.
  • Monitoring parameters like tidal volume, minute volume, respiratory rate and real time monitoring for airway pressure of patient enable the anesthetist to adjust the manual ventilation instantly.
  • Flexible bellows and breathing circuit are applicable to the anesthesia needs of adults, children and infants.
  • Every key component of the anesthesia ventilator is strictly of high precision, to realize its prompt response, wide range of flow control and high stability.
  • Altitude, compliance, fresh air and leaked air compensation is operable by the system.
  • Color wide TFT screen displays different parameters with distinct colors, and it brings more conveniences to the anesthetist to observe the condition of the patients in time, and the big screen-10.4″ is optional.
  • ACM108 vaporizers are optional; hey are manufactured with the most advanced technology, whose core parts are made of the finest materials in the world.


Supply gas pressure              280kPa-600kPa

evaporator concentration       0.2%~5%

Flowmeter adjust range         0.05L~10L

Oxygen concentration              ≥21%

O2 flush                                      25L/min~75L/min

Gas pressure alarm                0.185~0.22MPa   


O2 (two tubes)                            0.05~1L/min; 1.0~10L/min

N2 O (two tubes)                        0.05~1L/min; 1.0~10L/min

Air (two tubes)                            0.05~1L/min; 1.0~10L/min

ORC device                                 The proportion between O2 and N2 O can be continuously adjustable to assure        the  O2 concentration above21%


The main characters

Application                         Adult & Child & Neonate


Respiratory rate                1bpm~100bpm, tolerance ±15%

Tidal volume                       working range 20mL~1600mL ,continuously adjustable.

I/E ratio                                 1:0.3~1:8

Triggering sensitivity          0.0kPa~2.0 kPa,tolerance±0.1kPa

Display                                 TFT display

Waveform                             Double waveforms displaying for pressure-time and flow-time (optional: volume-time, CO2 -time, pressure volume loop, flow volume loop)

Inspiratory platform         0-60% inspiratory time

Inspiratory pressure        0.3kPa~6.0kPa, tolerance±0.1kPa

Inspiratory rise time         0.02s~2.00s

Supply pressure               0.3kPa~6.0 kPa, tolerance±0.1kPa

Triggering flowrate           OFF,0.1LPM~20LPM, tolerance±0.5LPM

PEEP                                  OFF,0.3kPa~3.0 kPa, tolerance±0.1kPa 

PS switch flowrate            1%~60% maximal flow

PS Inspiratory rise time    0.02s~2.00s

triggering window              20%~60%

Pressure Limit                    0.9kPa~7.9 kPa


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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