Have passed the national security certification test.Macroscale manufactured by mature technology and proven equipment factory


ZDLFP15038280-100Phosphate Ferrovanadium Lithium Power Battery

Labeled apacity


Working Voltage

Effect of charge cutoffvoltage on electrochemical performanceoflithiumionbattery


cut-off discharge voltage:2.5v

Labeled voltage


Maximum Charging Current


Maximum Discharge Current

Constand Current≤3GA

Pulse Current≤10GA

Standard Charge and Discharge current


Cycle Life







Discharge -25°C~55°C

Low self-discharge rate




Single Battery Weight


Nanjing Zhongda Qingshan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd is committed to the development of new energy industries and manufacturing.The company developed lithium-ion iron phosphate vanadium battery, which has passed a national test center battery safety certification. The lithium-ion batteries which we independent research can be widely used in electric automobiles, electric ships, electric bicycle, electric motors, electric golf car, ups power, solar energy storage power, portable medical instrument power supply etc, it also has unique product performance advantage.

A.Long service lift

The cycle life of lead-acid battery is about 200 times, up to 300 times, but our company produces vanadium iron phosphate lithium-ion battery deep discharge can reach more than 1000 times, under normal conditions, the number of cycles greater than 2000 times.

B.Safe and reliable

For battery anode, we use phosphate vanadium lithium materials with safety performance and aluminum shell, which get double guarantee for battery safety from two aspects of both material and process.

C.No memory effect

If ordinary rechargeable battery often works with full and not discharge conditions, its capacity will get quickly lower than rated capacity level and have memory effect, just like  nimh, nickel cadmium battery, etc.  Phosphate vanadium lithium battery our company produced can charge or discharge at any time and doesn’t exist battery capacity drops caused by many times discharge insufficient.

D.Small volume and light weight

Phosphate vanadium lithium battery our company produced has larger relative energy, lighter battery weight and higher energy density.

E.Well consistency

Productive process was strictly controlled follow ISO9001:2008 standard. Well consistency on the capacity, Intrmal resistance, discharge plateau, charge retention.

F.Green environmental protection

There are no toxic substances contented in our productions. No pollution to environment. Well know by the world as the Green environmental battery. No leak or pollution during production, green environmental protection.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Unit/Units
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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