Lung healthcare e-cugarette
Rechargeable e-cigarette
No nicotine and tar
Rich antioxidant
All foods grade ingredient


1.Fresh breath,  remove smell of cigarettes

2.Clear your lungs , help to stop smoking efficiently

3.Clean the lung deep, maintain fresh and healthy



Smoke Mate E-electronic cigarette

Rich in EGCE(Green tea extracted)

Nicotine and Tar free

Antioxidant rich

No pollution

No ignition

No carbon monoxide

No electromagnetic radiation

Helps smokers quit step by step

Replace troditional cigarette



long lasting rechargable battery
CE,FDA,ISO, SGS, FEMA approval
International Patent No.: PTC/CN2010075280
large vapor
Procuct details:
  • Pro-Lung essence

Contain rich active substance of EGCG extracted from green tea, is composed of many kinds of active ingredients.

Through the clinical experiment and verification, we proved that EGCG has a significant inhibitory action to tumor. Meanwhile, it can improve cells’ metabolism and detoxification ability.

  • Cartomizer

Pro-Lung cartomizer adopts the soft capsule package which is airtight, safe, clean and not contaminated.

Shelf life: 2 years

Each cartomizer contains 900mg Pro-Lung oil liquid, which can keep 400 puffs with large vapor and no leakage.

Each cartridge with an independent atomizer can seal the oil liquid well to prevent the leakage.

You replace both the cartridge and atomizer at the same time, so the cartomizer can’t be contaminated by pathogenic bacterias.

No soldered dot,so no rosin chemical hazardous substances from electric welding. Cigarette holder with a piece of germproof paper can safeguard oral clean.

  • Battery 

Lithium battery: no leakage if you don’t smoke

Battery can keep 2-3 days to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day, and 15 hours for three packs of cigarettes every day.


Components :

* 1 Cigarette
* 5 Atomizers/Cartridges

* 1 USB adapter

*1 Charger box

* 1 User manual



Suitable for those strictly over the age of 18.

Not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women.








FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1000 Set/Sets
Port: Shanghai/Shenzhen
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

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