ceiling tee bar/tee grid/main runner component with main tee cross tee wall angle
Suspended ceiling system Main and Cross tee and Wall angle
1)Plain tee grid/Flat grid with usual end and alloy end
Main tee:
24x38mm length: 3600/3660mm
24x32mm length: 3600/3660mm 
Cross tee:
24x26mm length: 1200/1220mm
24x26mm length: 1200/1220mm 
Small tee:
24x26mm length: 600/610mm
24x26mm length: 600/610mm
Normal thickness:0.30mm

2)3D grooved grid /stereo concaved T grid with usual end and alloy end
Main tee:42*15mm length:3600/3660mm
Cross tee:42*15mm length:1200/1220mm
Small tee:42*15mm length:600/610mm

Main tee38*15mm length:3600/3660mm
Cross tee38*15mm length:1200/1220mm
Small tee 38*15mm length:600/610mm
Normal thickness:0.30mm

3)Flat grooved grid/Narrow grooved system with usual end
Main tee: 32*15mm length:3600/3660mm
Cross tee:32*15mm length:1200/1220mm
Small tee:32*15mm length:600/610mm
Normal thickness:0.30mm

4)Flat grooved grid/wide grooved system with usual end
Main tee: 30*24mm length:3600/3660mm
Cross tee:30*24mm length:1200/1220mm
Small tee:30*24mm length:600/610mm
Normal thickness:0.30mm

5)Wall angle:
18x18mm length:3000/3050mm
20x20mm length: 3000/3050mm 
22x22mm length: 3000/3050mm
23x23mm length: 3000/3050mm
20x15mm length:3000/3050mm
20x10x10x20mm length:3000/3050mm
20x20x20x20mm length:3000/3050mm
Normal thickness:0.30mm/0.35mm/0.40mm

Color: white
Surface treatment: baking finish
Packing: standard cartons
Material: high-quality hot dipped galvanized steel coil
Length and thickness can be customized as customers request


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