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B Class 23L triple pulse vacuum impulse

wet heat steam sterilizer

YJ series TPV vacuum autoclave is B grade(EN13060) small-size sterilization device,with vacuum pump inside.Using high temperature and pressure for the sterilization of multi-aperture instruments and apparatus.It is mainly intended for dental, operating room,ophthalmology,gynaecology instruments,etc.
Sterilized Target: YJ series sterilizer is our company specially design&manufacture for hospital surgery, lab, dental clinic, inspection room and such those place where need sterilization continually.

Mainly Structure:It’s mainly consist of sterilization room, water storage tank, steam generator, vacuum pump, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, condenser, cooling water collector,condensation tube.





Sterilization Class




Inner Chamber Size

(Diameter x Depth)

240mm X 470mm

Working Condition

Environment temperature: 0-50, humidity: ≥80%

Air pressure range: 60-106Kpa;

Working voltage: 220v±10%, 50Hz±1Hz

Wire plug: nation standard three core or Europe standard three core.

Capacity of Water Tank

1.5 L



External Size


Standard Sets

The integral bracket,the apparatus bracket,the handing rack,the exhaust and drainage pipe,The standby rubber ring.

Sterilization room material

Sterilization room material: 304 anti-corrosion stainless steel

Thickness: more than 3mm;

Safety door thickness: more than 15mm

Water pressure test: more than 0.8mpa;

Better than/Exceed  national standard YY0646-2008

Automatic drying


Strong vacuum drying, it’s suitable for different materials drying requirements; The equipment residual humidity <0.2%.

Steam discharging

Inlay condensed water collector, the waste steam will exclude after condensation by the condenser rather than exhaust the exhaust steam outward, more safety and cleanliness.

Impulse method

Microcomputer controls the frequency of pulsation according to the site condition and ensures the coordination of temperature and pressure.

Applicable to all types of packaging, no packaging, solid, A hollow, B hollow and category B hollow porous and internal pipeline equipment sterilization; ensure efficient removal of air in the interior of a hollow instruments (such as high-speed dental drill), make the high temperature steam can fully reach every corner.

Vacuum method

Triple pre-vacuum to ensure that the temperature is more rapid and the sterilization more thorough.

Micro-computer control technology

The sterilizer using microprocessor intelligent control, man-machine interface, easy to operation, safe and reliable. Each  parameters and the status during the operation will dynamic display through the digital screen .

Vacuum, water injection, heating, sterilization, decompression, exhaust, drying and power-of will finished completely automatic. Automatic detection and alarm if equipment abnormal.

automatic fault diagnosis. Over temperature, overpressure automatic protection, to ensure the  reliability of sterilization.

After sterilization, automatic buzzer hint, ed display

Working pressure:


Highest anti-pressure value


Sterilization temperature:

121℃-135℃ adjustable

Sealing structure

Sealing ring for silicone products, the design of service life is 2 years (1200 times),  not aging and deformation.


Can clean inner pipe and steam generator automatically.

Vacuum pump

Adapting a double headed vacuum pump, simple and convenient, fast vacuum speed, long service life. To ensure that the vacuum degree can reach -80kpa.

Pressure sensor

Inlay pressure sensor to test chamber pressure automatically, to ensure that the precise and efficient of chamber pressure.

Temperature sensor

Inlay temperature sensor to test chamber temperature automatically, to ensure that in the precise range of using temperature ±3℃ of chamber.




FOB Price: 1180USD
Minimum Order: 1 PC
Payment Terms: WESTERN UNION, T/T

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