Brief introduction

T4 is the 2.4GHZ RF wireless synchronization/zone RGBW controller which adopts LTECH four global initiate technology(two invention patents, two patents of utility), which has the powerful function of most RF remote control can not realize, especially receiver between receiver without any cables can achieve dynamic effect synchronously, bring great convenience for users to install; T4 adopts the function of T3 / T3M/T3X RGB remote control for the past two years by customers like three functions in one, but use more simple.

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Product parameter

T4 Remote Control

Input voltage DC5V(Built-in Lithium battery)
Working current ≤30mA
Working frequency 2.4GHZ
transmitting distance 30m
Remote option sync or zone or programming control
Gray scale level 4096×4096×4096
Battery capacity 1000mAh
Working temperature -20℃~55℃
Dimension 145×W55×H22mm
Package Size 168×W102×H28mm
Weight (G.W.) 200g

T4-CV CV Receiving controller

Input voltage DC5V-DC24V
Max current load 5A×4CH Max 20A
Max output power 100W/240W/480W(5V/12V/24V)
Compatible remote control workable with T4 remote control
Working temperature -30℃~55℃
Dimension L175×W44×H30mm
Package size 178×W48×H33mm
Weight (G.W.) 150g

T4-CC CC Receiving controller

Input voltage DC12V-DC48V
Output voltage DC3V~DC46V
Max load current CC 350/700/1050mA 3 in 1×4CH
Output power 1.05W~48.3W ×4CH  Max 193.2W
Compatible remote control workable with T4 remote control
Working temperature -30℃~55℃
Dimension L175×W44×H30mm
Package size 178×W48×H33mm
Weight (G.W.) 165g
T4 shell


Product feature
RGBW 4 Channel control
T4 is available for RGB and RGBW LED lights. 
A single ON/OFF function for White color and also dimming brightness independently.
T4 & T4-CV
T4 & T4-CV
Humanized touching full color wheel
Remote control adopts the capacitive touch control technology on the full color wheel, make the LED color selection more user-friendly.Unique LED state light for sync change indicated, user can simply know the LED working state from distance by checking the remote control.
t4 & hand
Change whatever you like: Sync/Zone
T4 integrated sync control and zone control in two working ways, you could switch anytime anywhere to meet your needs at different times and different places.
2.4G RF wireless remote
Adopt 2.4GHZ RF wireless transmission technology, which is applicable for license and patent free worldwide.
T4 2.4G RF
More intuitive and visualization for programming
Meanwhile, T4 adding the new programable method, user can easily change a new DIY effects. How the programming so simple!
No wiring needed between the receivers
T4 utilizes advanced RF synchronous control technology,
it doesn't need any synchronous signal lines between all receive controller,Synchronization performance is stable and reliable, a very good solution for the LED project needs sync control wirelessly.
No more than 8 zones
T4 can support no more than 8 zones, one remote control can independent control the receiving controller no more than 8 pcs. Controller and the zones number for 
one-to-one correspondence relationship, each controller correspond the only zones number .
3 spell into 1, use more simple!
T4 integrates ever T3、T3M、T3X three all functions, use more simple.
T4 1=3


FOB Price: 1-2USD/pc
Minimum Order: 1pc
Port: Zhuhai
Payment Terms: TT

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