Marswheel Electric Unicycle

Only one wheel of the electric vehicle,

You can experience the feeling of never had,

It is small and portable, space-saving, without refueling,

Power saving, battery using  - only 1°/KM,

It is very practical, cool fashion, you will attract everyone's attention,

This is not just a travel tool which is a way of life,

It is a very attractive gift for your friends, lovers and family!


1、 Brand :Marswheel

2、 Maximum Speed: About 18km/h 

3、 Range: About 18~45km (May vary with rider's weight, road condition and temperature.) 

4、 Safe Climbing Angle: About 15° (Riders weighing 60kg get up to 30°)

5、 Battery: adopt Samsung or Panasonic lithium battery pack,the models are 132Wh, 170Wh, 264Wh, 340Wh (Protection board with SOC equalization)

6、 Temperature: -10°C~40°C

7、 Load: 120Kg

8、 Voltage: AC 220V 50-60Hz

9、 Charge Time:100% charged in 60mins (80% charged in 45mins,it is very fast.)

10、 Main Body Weight:10.8kg(not including training wheel, slight differences in each models)

11、 Product size:455x365x153mm(height,length and thickness, Slight differences in each models)

12、 Water Proof Grade: IP56


Safety Measures

1、Incline Protection 45°side-to-side on average

2、Speed limit protection Turned on at 12Km/h



1、Power and Error Indication:LED Power Indicators (Red when turned on, blinks when protection activated.) 

2、LED Power Level Indicators:Four LED lights on when over 85%;off one by one as power level drops,four lights twinkling when over 15%

3、Alert Sound Beep (Beep when powered on; continual beep when power level is dangerously low.) 

4、Alert Sound Long buzz (Long buzz when tilting sideways.)



1、Standard Accessory Charger

2、Training Wheel

3、Hand Strap


Optional Information

- Payment : T/T

- Origin :China

- Packaging : carton box

- Samples : Charge


FOB Price: $450
Minimum Order: 1 piece
Payment Terms: FOB

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