Chicken Production Line


Chicken production process are: food (wheat, corn, soy) - semi-MSG (monosodium glutamate) and a small amount of chicken powder and mix and other accessories - Granulation - Drying - sifting - Packaging - Inspection - Finished - storage. For color, the smell of chicken products superb shape; accessories selection is essential. Semi-finished products which MSG (monosodium glutamate) and other quality oil on the chicken embryo plays a decisive impact on finished product. In dry, since the main component of chicken is evolved by the glutamate, and sodium glutamate at temperatures higher than 120 °C, it will become the focus, sodium glutamate, after eating harmful, so chicken in drying, the drying chamber temperature must be controlled between 95 °C -115 °C, so as to give full play to the nutritional value of chicken.

My company has for many years to force the chicken, chicken production line equipment, research and development, has developed a number of different process sets wraped production line equipment, and devices are all-stainless steel to meet the users QS certification requirements. China has more sales in the chicken before the top ten manufacturers and large manufacturers in East China sales using my company’s chicken essence, chicken powder production line equipment.

Drying instructions

In conventional fluidized bed dryer basis, made a lot of improvements to make it meet the chicken dry and production process requirements, and has been applied to a number of chicken producers, well received by users.

Easy Chicken has some sticky sticky surface caused by drying in the drying machine can not. To solve this problem our company has taken many measures. Chicken extrusion granulation after molding, the higher the surface water, the first paragraph of our production to the low-temperature fluidized bed volume of pre-drying wind, so that the surface water to quickly lower the chicken, while the surface viscosity decreased. Fluidized bed temperature and air volume in the second paragraph to dry in order to further reduce the chicken surface water. The third paragraph of conventional fluidized bed temperature and air flow to the dry chicken in the fluidized bed so that sufficient residence time to be effectively dried. The fourth paragraph of wind capacity to the cooling bed, easy chicken stock powder in the screen directly after packaging. In short, in order to meet the chicken at different stages of technological requirements, bed rate and the opening direction of the hole, and fans have the appropriate design selection.

To improve the flow of chicken dry bed of the operation results and reliability, the company increased production of fluidized bed boiling chamber volume, the host of a framework structure.


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