2013 New BGA Rework Station HR360
1.Upgrade from SP360C
2.7.2 inch touch screen
3.Don't need to set parameters
4.Ship from

Technical details for Scotle-HR360 bga rework machine:

Applicable PCB

PCB size


Workable area


Max. PCB thickness


Applicable BGA

Max. size


Min. size


Max. weight


Temp. Control

Top heater


Lower heater


Sub(bottom) heater


Temperature control

16sections of programmable

temperature control setting

Power consumption

Power for operation


Main heater


Lower heater


bottom heater


System Parameters





Input voltage


for requirement

AC 220V  4KW

1) BGA rework station Scotle-HR360 is equipped with ARM(Advanced RISC Machines control system and laser postioning that can repair all kinds of components in south-north Bridge chip set of mother-board, display card, cell phone, digital camera, projector and games player.

2) Scotle-HR360 is with laser positioning function makes find the center point of bga needed to repair more quickly and conveniently.

3) Then temperature thermocouple wire and heating materials uses high quality which can control BGA soldering and desoldering precisely.

4) The heating head can be moved to all directions which is very easy to operate.

5) The upper and lower heating zones use hot air technology and the bottom uses infared ceramic heating plate, which can ensure then pcb get even heat and make the soldering and desoldering safer and efficient .

6) Scotle-HR360 upper and lower temperature zones both have 8 segments temperature up(down) + 8 segments
constant temperature and can save 200 different temperature profile.

8) The bga soldering supporting frame can be realized micro-adjustment to prevent the depression of soldering area.

9) The multi-functional PCB fixure can locate PCB quickly and conveniently as well as suitable for ­­­irregular shape board.  

10) Scotle-HR360 with p
owerful cross flow fan cools down lower heating zone instantly.

11) Scotle-HR360 with alarming function when soldering or desoldering finished.

12) It is with hand vacuum suction pen which makes pick up BGA ic chips easily.

13)Standard accessories:
upper nozzle 5pcs(25*25  29*29   34*34   40*40   50*50mm)
lower big and small nozzle(each 1pcs)
3) Allen wrench 1set
4) User manual 1pcs
5) Brush 1pcs
6) Suction nozzle 3pcs
7) Thermocouple wire: 1pcs
8) Reball aluminum sheet 1pcs
9) Jig 6pcs/set
10) Heat tape 1pcs
11) Tool kits 1pcs

Parts name:

1) Knob for fine-adjusting the height of the upper heater

2) Knob for locking the upper heater from moving forward/backward

3) Handle for locking upper heater from rotating

4) Knob for adjusting upper heater up/down

5)  Upper heater

6) Upper nozzle

7) Lower nozzle

8) Lower heater

9)  Knob for adjusting the lower heater up/down

10)  Vacuum pen

11) Temperature sensor joint

12)  Touch screen

13)  Knob for locking PCB jig

14)  Knob for positioning PCB

15)  Laser light

16)  PCB supporting bar

17)  PCB clamping device

18)  Spot light

19)  Cooling fan

20)  Power switch

21)  Lamp on/off

22)  Laser light on/off




FOB Price: US $ 1,110.58 - 1,250.36 / Unit |
Minimum Order: 1 Unit/Units
Port: Shenzhen
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union

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