1. High security and good operability.

2. Automatically control the release of energy with the adjustable speed, it is flexible and safe.

3. High Energy and good effect.

4. Individualistic RF head design: Equipped with different size of RF head , suitable for every part of our body and face.

5. Our Aluma is applicable to intermediate rail and high-grade salon for the superior quality with exquisite workmanship.


1.Generating heat.

2.Increasing the blood oxygen and nutrients.

3.Promoting blood circulation.

4.Increasing body temperature and expanding the skin pores.

5.Increasing carbon dioxide and oxygen content in the lymphoid tissue.

Treatment process

1, after clean skin by rubing anesthetic cream on surface by a professional nurse, and wait half an hour for you skin absorb.

2, go into the treatment room, nurses will clean the skin by alcohol again to make sure your treatment process out of bacterial infection.

3, treatment start by a physician, if it was overheating during the treatment, you can raise your hands to explain.

4, treatment time according to different parts of body, takes about half an hour to two hours.

5, rubbing some moisturizer after treatment, no need ice, you can take a rest.

6, treatment time is about 20 minutes, and the treatment may cause 10 minutes short of swelling, hot, after all ,it is all right. Just strengthening moisturizer, protection from sunlight, after two weeks later you can see skin improvement.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 100units
Payment Terms: T/T , Western Union

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