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RYMAX Foam Cement Wallboard is a new building material designed for modern high-rise buildings, steel-structured buildings and new ecological residential buildings, featuring in anti-seismic, energy-conservative, fireproof, damp-proof, soundproof, thin, anti-shock, space-saving, mould-proof, not degradable and anti-insects.

Filled with well-mixed polyphenyl granule and special cement, RYMAX Foam Cement Wallboard is light weight with good heat preservation, sound proof, heat insulation, fire proof and high weather ability. It is also resistant to degradation, mildew, termites. Honeycomb structure formed by evenly distributed polyphenyl granule gives the wallboard high impact resistance and good nail-holding grip.

RYMAX Foam Cement Wallboard is sandwiched by two facing boards and filled with polystyrene concrete in the core layer. The facing board is the Fiber Cement Board or Fiberglass Magnesium Board developed with our own technology with outstanding advantages such as high-strength, fireproof, damp-proof, anti-shock and pollution-free. The core layer made of polystyrene concrete heavily reduces the weight and enables the panel to form multi-arched structures and have high flexural strength and compressive resistance. The groove and tongue structure helps to build a strong and stable structure in one piece. The industrialized production helps shorten the construction period and enhance the installation efficiency, also the panel is nice decoration and easy for installing piping. Since the wallboard is light and thin, it greatly reduces the loads of the foundation, beams and columns and thus lowers the construction cost and increase the usable area. No coat plastering is required for the smooth facing board and the construction period can be greatly shortened. RYMAX Foam Cement Wallboard is ushering into a new period in the modernized construction field.

* Environment-friendly;
* Energy-conservative;
* Fire-proof;
* Anti-seismic;
* Light-weight;
* Increase the usable area and decrease the construction cost;
* Soundproof;
* Waterproof and Damp-proof;
* High Stability and Excellent Anti-aging Performance;
* Easily Stick and Nail;
* Short Construction Period, High Efficiency and No Pollution;
* Simple Installation and Clean Construction Site
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