Product Name: Safe and High-effective Spots Removing Cream
Item No.: SY-SR1
Natural way to remove spots. 
Uneven skin tone, acne marks, hyperpigmentation, age spots, melasma sun damage discolorations disappear in one month.
A dark spot remover,it penetrates deeply into your skin. It???s unique skin-lightening formulation with pure plant Arbutin and Kojic Acid works very quickly to lighten your complexion while other products dramatically smoothes and softens to produce the sheen and glow your skin deserves. It is a natural double-whitening agent that inhibits the skin???s Tyrosinase activity to decrease the formation of melanin and to even out brown spots and skin blemishes. 
Recommended for All skin types.For both male and female.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 10000pcs
Port: Guangzhou
Payment Terms: 30days

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