China will open new doors to foreign investors and introduce more policies to welcome the new year


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With the deepening of China’s foreign trade, more and more relevant policies are also introduced. In addition to some of the original policies, more policies will be introduced in fields such as finance, manufacturing and services. These policies will make it possible to further promote the high quality and growth economy that China hopes. In addition, China will open new doors to foreign investors and introduce more policies.

China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesman said: “the government will orderly relax some key areas of access restrictions.”

These efforts correspond with the goals of reforming and opening-up mapped out by last week’s just-concluded Central Economic Work Conference. As part of president Xi Thought on Socialist Economy with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era-the new economic concept described by the president-opening-up will be “further expanded in scope and level” and the “concept, structure and layout and system of opening up” will be further expanded, according to the statement.

China’s pledge to further promote opening-up comes at a time when it has seen another round of increased foreign direct investment in the last quarter of the year, as it shifts its focus to attract such investment in high-end manufacturing, services and green industries to transform its economy.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, foreign direct investment by global companies in mainland China grew 9.8% in the first 11 months of this year to 803.62 billion yuan ($ 122 billion).

Experts point out that as China relies on declining domestic consumption and exports, the sector that is expected to help China achieve high-quality growth will benefit from its opening-up efforts.

Feng Yao, a spokesman for China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that enterprises in developed markets have noticed the trend of change and are more willing to invest in R & D and technology and design departments in China.

The expected more market access will bring huge business opportunities for foreign companies concerned with the growing Chinese economy.


Wish you Merry Christmas and happy new year,let us welcome the new beginning of those policies!