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chemical fiber/recycled hollow fibers/pillow fibers

Chemical Fiber/recycled

chemical fiber
2.Cut length:32MM-64MM
3.Weight:220kgs~260kgs per bale
4.Siliconized or non

pillow fibers/chemical fibers/hollow conjugated fiber


hollow conjugated fiber/psf fiber/polyester fiber


hollow fiber/recycled psf fiber/polyester staple fiber


DG/Chemical products export from Hongkong - Hi,there!专业危险品2-9类进出口物流,整柜/拼箱/空运/快递均可接,优势:免危包/锅检/鉴定,正规报关出口退税;证件不齐全也可原品名正规出运。-----详情联系小王Sam-QQ3193970269,TEL15571086831(微信同号)
By Sam Wong - Jun 28, 2019 - More...

Virgin polyester staple fiber price,Hollow conjugated polyester staple fiber/HCS FIBER

Virgin Polyester Staple

Fiber Type: Staple
Grade: Recycled

Dope dyed 1.5d*51mm polyester fiber padding,hollow polyester staple fiber waste,price,black regenerated polyester staple fiber

Chemical fiber

Virgin polyester staple fiber,hcs fiber,Hollow Conjugated siliconnized polyester fiber

Chemical fiber

hollow conjugate polyeater staple fiber hollow conjugate

Hollow Conjugate Polyeater

Detailed Product Description The hollow conjugate polyester staple fiber:
1.Denier: 15D
2.Cutting length: 64mm

hollow conjugated fiber antimicrobial treatment fiber

Chemical fiber

hollow conjugated staple fiber

Chemical fiber

hollow conjugated staple fiber

Chemical fiber

Sell Polyester Staple Fiber(solid/hollow/hollow Conjugated)

Sell Polyester Staple Fiber

we need a large quanity of pet flakes.
Everymonth we need to buy5000t at least pet flakes.
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Polyester Staple Fiber

Chemical fiber

Sell Polyester Staple Fiber And Buy Pet Flakes

Polyester fabric

hollow conjugated silion fiber/polyester staple fiber 30dx64mm

Hollow Conjugated Silion

hollow conjugated silion fiber/polyester staple fiber 30dx64mm
1.100% polyester

hollow conjugated silion fiber/polyester staple fiber 15dx64mm

Chemical fiber

hollow conjugated silion fiber/virgin polyester staple fiber 7dx54mm

Chemical fiber

virgin hollow conjugated silion fiber/polyester staple fiber 30dx64mm

Chemical fiber

Hollow Conjugated Recycled Polyester Fiber Stuffing 7D

Hollow Conjugated Recycled

Polyester fiber stuffing
1.polyester staple fiber
2.recycled PSF,environmentale
3 passed ISO9001
Hollow Conjugated

Hollow Conjugated Silicone Polyester Staple Fiber Yarn HCS


Dope Dyed Recycled Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber


Recycled Polyester Staple Hollow Fibre Filling

Polyester yarn

dhl - HKDHL、UPS普货,纯电池,带牌手机及配件,化妆品出口,当天更新。巴西双清(以高价值产品为主),可提供手机屏返修进口服务,时效快,安全稳定。电话微信:13627906975 梁生 QQ:2850166403
By Lucky Mr - Jun 19, 2018 - More...
Did not answer - I sent an inquiry to Leo but he wasn't able to respond.
By Toni Chon - Dec 22, 2014 - More...

Recycled Hollow Conjugate Polyester Staple Fiber 7D x 64mm

Recycled Hollow Conjugate

Polyester Staple Fiber & Hollow Conjugate Fiber
VNFIBER is a registered

Tony Tan
Tony Tan

1 Product Hanoi, Vietnam

sell 3D*64 HCS hollow conjugated siliconized fiber

Sell 3D*64 HCS Hollow

Features of recycled polyester staple fiber
1) Denier: 3D/6D/7D/10/12D/15D/
2) Cut length: 32MM/51MM/64MM/76MM
3) silicon and non-silicon
4) Merits: Highly elastic, puff, good rigidity and grade A

sell hollow recycled fiber for pillow filling

Chemical fiber

sell 15D*51 hollow siliconized fiber


7D*64 HCS hollow recycled fiber


Green Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber

Green Hollow Polyester

1) Hollow, non-silicon / silicon
2) Denier: 6D - 20D
3) Length: 32mm - 76mm
4) Color:

Non-Hollow Silicon-Free Polyester Staples Fiber

Fiber composites

White Hollow Silicon-Bearing Polyester Staples Fiber

Chemical fiber

White Hollow Siliconised Polyester Staple Fiber

Chemical fiber

Polyester Fiber Hollow Silicon

Polyester Fiber Hollow

Usually used as padding/filling material of cushions, bedding, sofas, etc.
Deviation of density (%): +-20
Deviation of

Polyester Staple Fiber

Chemical fiber

PVDF Hollow Fiber UF Membrane

PVDF Hollow Fiber UF

Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name MW
Model Number

Hollow Conjugated Fiber

Hollow Conjugated Fiber

Hollow conjugated siliconized fiber
7D*64mm, siliconized/non-siliconized
15D*64mm, siliconized/non-siliconized
Key Specifications

Sell highly elastic  Hollow Staple Fiber

Sell Highly Elastic Hollow

1. 15DX64MM HCS
2. Raw white withSilicone
3. very good elastic and rebound degree
4. using for filling sofa.

1.1D Antibacterial Fiber /Functional Fiber

1.1D Antibacterial Fiber

Antibacterial fiber /Functional fiber(Environmentally friendly products)
Features: Powerful sterilization, long-lasting antibacterial, strong

1.1D Antibacterial Fiber /Functional Fiber

Feed Grade

1.1D Anion Fiber /Functional Fiber

Plant Fiber

1.1D Anion Fiber /Functional Fiber

Plant Fiber

synthetic VIRGIN Pet fiber polyester/polyester fiber

Synthetic VIRGIN Pet Fiber

1psf polyester staple fiber
4.Used:Spinning,Non-Woven Fabric,Knitting,Sewing
synthetic VIRGIN Pet fiber

Miranda qin
Miranda qin

19 Products Jining, China (Mainland)

Highly Elastic Polyester Staple Fiber

Highly Elastic Polyester

1) Siliconized, dry
2) Denier: 3D~15D
3) Used in bedding and clothing
4) Raw white
Key Specifications

Super Soft Micro Fiber


holllow conjugated polyester staple fiber

Holllow Conjugated Polyester

1. Material
hollow conjugated siliconized polyester staple fiber

color polyester staple fiber for spinning

Color Polyester Staple Fiber

Virgin PSF
Spec: 0.9/1.0/1.2/1.4/3D X 38MM SD RW
Color: BRIGHT / SD OB / Black and Colors
Usage: Spinning

Black polyester staple fiber with GRS

Chemical fiber

Polypropylene staple fiber

Chemical fiber

recycled polyester fiber with GRS

Chemical fiber

Jeffery Ji
Jeffery Ji

10 Products Shanghai, Shanghai

Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (7D/15D HCS)

Recycled Polyester Staple

7D/15D Three-dimensional Fiber/ Polyester staple fiber(Environmentally friendly products)
Features: High fluffy, good resilience, strong warmth

Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (7D/15D HCS)

Chemical fiber

PSF (7D * 32/64mm, HCS, White Recycled)

Plant Fiber

100% polyester fiber

100% Polyester Fiber

Our polyester fibers are exported to South America, North America, Asia, Africa and so on.
1)Name: Polyester Fiber

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