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200G 100 Jasmine Tea SINGLE-CHAMBERED Teabags

200G 100 Jasmine Tea SINGLE

Jasmine tisane is consumed in China, where it is called Jasmine tea. Jasminum sambac flowers are also used to make tea, which often has a base of

80 grams Sea Dyke Brand Black Tea/ top quality Chinese black tea


40g 20 White Tea Tea bags


200g 100 teabags China Fujian oolong


loose leaf puerh tea

Loose Leaf Puerh Tea

Product Name
loose leaf puerh tea
Processing Type

puer tea from quality assurance manufacturer


loose leaf pu-erh/puer tea


menghai spring bud puer tea


Heyou Chen
Heyou Chen

8 Connections 25 Products Kunming, China (Mainland)

Gold Award of Shanghai EXPO. Ti Kuan Yin Tea

Gold Award Of Shanghai EXPO

TiKuan Yin Tea
1.Planted and processed by us
2.Certificate:QS ISO
3.Timely delivery & OEM
4.Gold Award of Shanghai EXPO

The Induction Cooker for tea making


High-end Gift Tea (Dahongpao Tea)


Ti Kuan Yin Tea with icebox packed


Wendy Hwang
Wendy Hwang

33 Products Fuzhou, China (Mainland) 1  review

上海世祥国际货运 - 我是Kitty,是一家货运代理公司的销售。公司是上海世祥国际物流有限公司,现已成立经七年了。我们上海世祥国际物流有限公司是中国加入WTO后经中华人民共和国交通部批准成立的首批无船承运人(NVOCC)之一,也是国际货运代理协会(FIATA)成员之一,本公司专业经营国际运输业务,向海内外客户提供海、陆、空进出口货物运输服务,包括订舱、配载、报关、仓储、提运、保险以及多项物流服务。
我的微信号 18270681174 QQ号 1816541940
By kitty xiong - Sep 1, 2018 - More...

Dried Rose Flower and Powder

Dried Rose Flower And Powder

包装300克/袋; 100克/瓶
包装200克/袋; 20kg /箱

2 Products Xi'an, China

Health benefits green tea leaves matcha direct from farm

Health Benefits Green Tea

Matcha is a kind of green tea that is stone ground into a powder, covered and steamed with natural stone.

Health benefits green tea leaves matcha direct from farm


Refined new tea matcha product


Private label naturally gluten free and vegan matcha oif chinese tea gift


4-6pcs per gift box artistan blooming tea

4-6pcs Per Gift Box Artistan

Soft, sweet, straw-like intrigue with hint of orchard fruit and leaf.
When produced by skilled masters, flowering teas can be

an xi oolong tea&iron buddha hand oolong tea


iron goddess oolong tea&an xi tie guan yin tea

Tea pots

high quality 80ml borosilicate double walled glass cup


No Response - I contacted Sky Lin and inquired about their company's taiwan milk oolong tea but I wasn't able to receive any responses from him.
By Chloe Lampoon - Dec 16, 2014 - More...

Chinese Jasmine Tea Wholesale Flower Tea

Chinese Jasmine Tea

Chinese Jasmine Tea Wholesale Flower Tea
With the process of drying repeatly, we use the high quality jamine flower to make

Miniature Antique Pot Qinzhou Nixing Pottery Pure Handmade Nixing Pot 100cc Small Teapot

Tea pots

Large Capacity Purple Clay Pot Pure Handmade Maestro Kungfu Tea Pot Chinese Qinzhou Nixing Pottery

Tea pots

Lily Luo
Lily Luo

4 Products Qinzhou, Guangxi, China

Healthy Ganoderma Green Tea

Healthy Ganoderma Green Tea

Organic Ganoderma Green Tea
Product Details

Drinks lower blood pressure reishi king tea


2014 New Huangshan Mao Jian Green Tea; Organic Mao Jia

2014 New Huangshan Mao Jian

Huangshan Mao Jian Tea is one kind of green tea produced in the Anhui province of China. The Tea is one of the most famous teas in China and can

BCS and Ceres Certified Organic Oolong Wuyi Rock Tea


Possible Supplier - I got in touch with Coco of Anhui Tea Impo.& Exp. Co. Ltd. to inquire about their company’s Organic Oolong Wuyi Rock Tea. He responded the day after I sent the inquiry which was on time. He was able to answer all of my questions comprehensively and even offered to send sample products. The supplier even gave a brief description of their product which is good to know. He is very easy to understand, I would rate his English 8 out of 10. Our transaction did not push through, but here's what I can say about his company:

Service: Prompt Response
Pricing: Not so flexible

Although we ended up not working with Anhui Tea Imp.& Exp I would like to praise their customer service and hope to have a good partnership in the future.
By Kimberly Montri - Dec 4, 2014 - More...
Provided alternative options - I'm looking for an alternative supplier so I sent an inquiry to Coco about their company’s Huangshan Mao Jian Green Tea. I was surprised to receive a response from him immediately after sending the inquiry, which was very prompt.
Sadly the product that I inquired was already sold out. The supplier suggested sending me a sample of their other available products which has the same delicious taste. He also provided his email address so we have further discussion about the new item.
I commend their company for providing alternative options and showing willingness to provide samples.

I would be willing to work with Coco in the future and I would consider Anhui Tea Import and Export Co. Ltd. on my list of potential suppliers
By Sib Dayang - Nov 13, 2014 - More...

China famous black tea Hong mao feng, Yunnan origin

China Famous Black Tea Hong

1, congou black tea, broad tea leaves
2, big golden sprouts with golden pekoe.
3, stomach warming, loose weight

China famous black tea, Hong mao feng, Yunnan origin


gunpowder tea 3505 for Moroccan tea drinking ceremony


Wholesales Chinese green tea gunpowder tea 3505


(U.S.FDA approval) ginkgo biloba extract oral liquid

(U.S.FDA Approval) Ginkgo

1.16 year GMP producer
2.high quality for US,EU
3.Pure herb 100%safe
4.lower blood fat,soften vessel
Ginkgo Biloba Extractum (USFDA

detox foot patch with CE certificate & U.S.FDA approval

Health supplements

Guarana & Ginseng oral liquid 01

Health supplements

Guarana & Ginseng oral liquid

Health supplements




公交 叶
公交 叶

1 Product 杭州, 中国浙江省

Stevia leaves (Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl L.)

Stevia Leaves (Stevia

much more sweet than sugar, for low-carbohydrate, low-sugar food alternatives, treating obesity & high blood pressure
* Over 20 years

Sencha (Steamed Green Tea) Fannings


Sun-dried Hibiscus 2010-2011 Crop

Artificial flowers

Sencha (Steamed Green Tea)


Renjian Wu
Renjian Wu

1 Connection 15 Products ZHANGPU, China (Mainland)

Puer Tea,Pu 'er Tuocha,Puerh tea,Compressed Tea

Puer Tea,Pu 'er Tuocha

puer tuocha,pu'er,fermented tea
Puer Tea,Puer Tuocha,Compressed Tea,Fermented Puer
site: Ning'er County, Pu'er City Man

Jinjunmei Black Tea, Top Quality Black Tea,Golden Buds


Dried Pink Rose tea, Rose buds, Flower Tea, Lady's Herbal Tea


Oolong tea,ginseng oolong tea


Did not reply - I recently sent an inquiry to Karl Xu and I did not receive any replies.
By Anna Momin - Dec 12, 2014 - More...

Oolong Tea Bag of 20 - Oolong Tea (OTTB20)

Oolong Tea Bag Of 2

1) This kind of oolong tea bags 2g*20 teabags per box, 200 boxes per carton, main for the internation market.
2) This kind of tea flavor gets very

Flavor Tea - Rose Black Tea (Tea Bag)


Japanese Brown Rice Green Tea Bag


White Tea Bag - Gongmei Tea Bag


Did not reply - I wasn't able to receive any answers from Penny Luo after sending her an inquiry a couple of days ago.
By Chi Quang - Dec 5, 2014 - More...

China green tea chunmee 41022

China Green Tea Chunmee

Product Type: Green Tea Processing Type: Blended
Packaging: Bag, Bulk, Vacuum Pack Specialty: Health Tea
Our tea is

Frozen cooked whole crawfish with chilli powder

Frozen Crab

green tea chunmee 9366




guolao pure chinese herbal medicine fatty liver tea

Guolao Pure Chinese Herbal

1. 100% natural Chinese herbal medicine
2. GMP authenticated, OEM offered
3. cure all kinds of liver disease
4. top quality

guolao best-selling tea for liver strengthening


top quality herbal medicine liver protect tea

Herbal medicine

dayehai natural herb health products for diabetes

Health Product

New nature healthy Orange fruit flavored tea

New Nature Healthy Orange

Orange fruit flavored tea
1)inspires your appetite
2)helps digestion
3)regulates Qi flowing for eliminates phlegm
Orange fruit

new nature healthy Chamomile Green Tea


New nature healthy Blueberry fruit flavored tea


new nature healthy Leisure Flower Fruit figured tea bags


Hong Lin
Hong Lin

1 Connection 15 Products Xiamen, China (Mainland)

White Tea, Strawberry and Banana with Stevia | 15 Pyramids

White Tea, Strawberry And

It is a soft and fragrant tea, pleasant tasting strawberry and banana, and stands out for having all the properties of white tea combined with

Forest Fruits with Stevia | 15 Pyramids


Pakistan Tea with Stevia | 15 Pyramids


Gunpowder Green Tea with Stevia | 15 Pyramids


Stevia del Condado
Stevia del Condado

1 Connection 11 Products Santisteban del Puerto, España

Organic White Tea WHITE PEONY Traditional Loose Tea

Organic White Tea WHITE

Organic White Tea -- WHITE PEONY -- Traditional Loose Tea
White tea is the uncured and unoxidized tea leaf. Like green, oolong and black

ORGANIC Jasmine Pearls Tea,round shape, strong jasmine aroma


Anxi Tie Kuan Yin Tea Oolong Tea from pure garden


Chinese puer tea,Compressed Puer tea,Unfermented,357g puer cake.


Sixin Kung
Sixin Kung

20 Products Beijing, China (Mainland)

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