Justdo Industrial Co., Ltd.

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 3 Export Shipments Unit 04 7/f Bright Way Tower No.33mong Kok Road. Kowloon

Export History
3 Shipments

Justdo Industrial Co., Ltd.
25,177(KG) - 1,248pieces
Folding Chair
Los Angeles, California
Justdo Industrial Co., Ltd.
5,968(K) - 3,495pieces
Stainless Steel Barwarestainless Steel Barwarepo#129723jigger W/wht Ceram Handle Dotsbottle Opener W/white Handlecorkscrew W/wht Ceramic Handleice Scoop With White Handle Strainer W/white Handlejigger Silv Glit Resin Handlebott Opener Silv Glitt Transprcorksc Silv Glit Transparentice Scoop Silv Glitt Transparnstrainer Silv Glitt Transparenjigger Gold Glitter Transparenbott Opnr Gold Glitter Transprcorksc Gold Glitter Transparenice Scoop Gold Glitter Tranprnstrainer Gold Glitter Transparjigger Multi Glitter Transparnbott Opnr Multi Glitter Transpcorksc Multi Glitter Transparnice Scoop Multi Glitt Transparstrainer Multi Glitt Transparejigger Blue Glitt Transparentbott Opnr Blue Glitt Transparncorksc Blue Glitt Transparentice Scoop Blue Glitt Tranparntstrainer Blue Glitt Transparenjigger Pink Glitt Transparentbott Opnr Pink Glitt Transparecorksc Pink Glitt Transparentice Scoop Pink Glitt Transparnstrainer Pink Glitt Transparenjigger Blk Glitter Transparentbott Opnr Blk Glitter Transparcorksc Blk Glitter Transparentice Scoop Blk Glitter Transparstrainer Blk Glitter Transparnbotl Opnr Jadeite Transparentcorksc Jadeite Transparentthis Shipment Does Not Contain Anysolid Wood Packing Materials
Los Angeles, California
Justdo Industrial Co., Ltd.
9,847(K) - 2,183pieces
Ceramic Kitchenware Lemon Scrubby Holderpo#6518566 Ceramic Kitchenware Lemon Soap Pumppo#651856 Ceramic Kitchenware Lemon Measuring Cupspo#651856 Ceramic Kitchenware Lemon Spoon Rest Po#651856 1x40hq Sub For 1x40gp
Los Angeles, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
5,968 13,664 25,177
Average Quantity

2,308 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Amoy 1 Los Angeles, California
Ningpo 1 Los Angeles, California
Yantian 1 Los Angeles, California


Unit 04 7/f Bright Way Tower No.33mong Kok Road. Kowloon


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