Scscade Canada Ltd

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 1 Export Shipment Po Box 1508 Guelph Ontariocanada

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Scscade Canada Ltd
1,417(KG) - 1pieces
------------ Segu6486286 Description---------Package(s) (twenty Five)1 X 40'hc Said To Contain25 Pcs - 13 Shipments2-Hi-Lighting Stripspor Caed 023239 Tcd448 20181001087hs Code 39211100 1-Parts For Cattle Feed Mixerpor Caed 02]072 Fc3405 20181000548hs Code 84369930, 73181500, 82084000,84834000, 731811002-Educational Material Board Gamesaccessoriespor Caed 028239 Uc0999 20181001109hs Code 950490002-Drill Bitspor Caed 021072 Sz1289 20181000551hs Code 820790002-Pipe Cleaning Piggspor Caed Ola236 Hc0294 20181000308hs Code 847989003-Seal Kit, Body Assemblypor Caed 01m286 Ec1869 20181000176hs Code 40169300, 87089990, 40070000,73181600, 87089500, 84329000, 84839000,84099100, 40103900, 40103300, 84212300,40103300, 87089990, 84213100, 84148090,40169300, 87089910, 73182900, 85443000,870850001 -fork For Forkliftpor Caed Olhr84 Kc3613 20181000292hs Code 843120001-Thermal Printerpor Caed 03x381 Cc1706 20181000155hs Code 847340001 - Magnetic Goodspor Caed 02s538 Pc6914 20181000006hs Code 850511001-Pitmans Armspor Caed 02b239 Lc4282 20181001112hs Code 870894001-Air Compressor Partspor Caed 02c760 Yc7892 20181000015hs Code 84213900, 84149090, 841480107-Food Supplementpor Caed 02c020 Wc9373 201800327hs Code 210690901-Chairspor Caed 501820 Yc4578 20181001163hs Code 94036000freight Prepaid847989 (hs)tot Pkgs 25 Pk-------------Generic Description-------------
Gooch Island, BC
Oakland, California

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1,417 1,417 1,417
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Gooch Island, BC 1 Oakland, California


Po Box 1508 Guelph Ontariocanada


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