Hidden Garden Foods Ltd

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 1 Export Shipment 7622 Winston Streetburnaby, Bc V5a 2h4tel: 778-279-6006

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Hidden Garden Foods Ltd
857(KG) - 3pieces
------------ Aphu7245887 Description---------Packages1 Skid118.000000 Kgm0.666000 Mtq5 Cartons Garmentshs Code: 620462 Caed: 02h772tcp188201704001471 Pallet545.000000 Kgm1.750000 Mtqguitar Sprucesoundboard, (non-Haz)caed 2017/may/03/12:238210800271 Pallet220.000000 Kgm2.063000 Mtqconference Style Speakerphone Requiringvoip To Operatecaed 01bk10scw027201704000051 Pallet982.000000 Kgm1.475000 Mtqvalvescaed 02f088bc8781201704001302 Skids1172.000000 Kgm6.074000 Mtq1271 Pcs Loaded On 2 Skidssound Panelshs Code: 701990, 441899, 854370, 853710, 8504940390, 4911, 610990,851840caed 03d063bc3788201704001081 Crate1549.940000 Kgm1.533000 Mtqimpellercaed 24h469fc5186201704001026 Package1126.000000 Kgm11.647000 Mtqcondiment Dispenserpo: (on) P766384hs-Code:842489,39241002h678uc5504201704000241 Crate70.000000 Kgm1.095000 Mtqfliterndr 24 Package1814.369000 Kgm10.975000 Mtqslac Non Haz Oil Field Equipmentscaed 01i549sc3302201705000333 Pallets857.000000 Kgm6.720000 Mtqcookiescaed 19h469tcp699201705000711 Pallet102.000000 Kgm0.647000 Mtqair Compressorhs Code: 87089910, 84149010, 84212300, 84149084148010, 84836000caed 24h469xc1434201705001071 Skid Skidded Packages567.000000 Kgm0.583000 Mtq1 Skid With Sharp Chain, Links Sprocketsinvoice 7315 210315caed 02h650ac4673201705000022 Packages429.000000 Kgm2.738000 Mtqslac: Power Suppliescaed 03b528wc240920170500101tot Pkgs 25 Pktotal Piece Count: 25.total Weight Count:9552.309 Kgs. Total Volumecount: 47.966 Cbm.freight Prepaid-------------Generic Description-------------
Gooch Island, BC
Seattle, Washington

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857 857 857
Average Quantity

3 items

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Gooch Island, BC 1 Seattle, Washington


7622 Winston Streetburnaby, Bc V5a 2h4tel: 778-279-6006


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