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Kobi's Cabinets
11,340(KG) - 267pieces
:46 Pantrycabinets/doors/panels/gables/inserts/shelves/rs, Mahogany, Canada, Cutlery Trays Blum,plastic, Made Inaustria1 Box Hardware By Unison: 5 Door Handles, 5 Doorcatches And Screws, Stainless Steel, Mulco 2caulking,canada1 Roll Rubber Mats By Hafele, Canada19 Laundrycabinets/panel/base/filler/shelves, Mah.1 Ironing Table And Frame, St. Steel,custom, Canada1 Hanging Rods, 2, By Cbc, St. Steel, Canada1 Box: Flanches, 4, Custom, St. Steel, Canada49 Her Dressing Roomcabinets/doors/panels/gables/bases/strips/filmah.1 Box: Hanging Rods, 5, By Cbc, St. Steel,canada1 Box: Hardware: Hinges, 4, By Tectus, Coathangers,5, Flanches, 14, Custom, St. Steel, Canada32 His Dressing Roomcabinets/gables/shelves/cleats,mah.1 Tie/belt Hangers, 2, Custom, St.steel,canada1 Box: Hanging Rods, 9, By Cbc, St. Steel,canada1 Kitchen Hood, Custom, Canada, With Fan Bysirus, St.steel, Italy1 Vanity, Mah.3 Bench Cabients, Bench/filler/base,mahogany/plywood, Canada44 Linen Closetcabinets/doors/panels/gables/frames/pullouts/mah., Canada1 Box Hardware By Unison: 5 Handles, 5 Ballcatches,5 Hinges, Stainless Steel, Canada27 Media Cabinet:cabinets/panels/doors/gables/supports Mah.,angles,aluminum, Canada1 Box Hardware By Ubison: 10 Handles, 20bolts,screws/pins, St. Steel, Canada, Wood Covercaps Byhafele, Canada, Rubber Bumpers By Hafele,china2 Side Tables, Walnut, Canada1 Box L.e.d. Lighting By Hafele, 75 W, China1 Box L.e.d. Lighting By Hafele, 75w, China1 Box L.e.d. Channels By Hafele,aluminum/plastic, China1 Box Hardware By Derror: 160 Handles, St.steel,china1 Box Hardware By Dekkor: 3 Pulls, St.steel, China1 Box Hardware By Dekkor: 6 Panels Screws,st. Steel,china1 Box Laundry Sorter By Allmodern,chrome/fabric,taiwan2 Boxes Tuzio Towel Warmer By Avento, Chrome,canada1 Box Telscopic Ladder By Metaltech,aluminum,china2 Boxes, Laundry Detergent By Tide, Usa8 Boxes L.e.d. Bedroom Light Fixture Byartemide, Aluminum/glass, Italy1 Box L.e.d. Light Bulbs By Phillips, China3 Boxes Bathroom Accessories By Linear, 7paperholders, 9 Hooks, 11 Towel Bars, Chrome,italy1 Box Vacuum Cleaner By Miele, Germany1 Box Vacuum Accessories By Miele, 6, Germany6 Boxes Royale Paper Tissues, Canadap.o.r. B13 Stamp: Tba
Halifax, NS
West Palm Beach, Florida
Kobi's Cabinets
13,608(KG) - 76pieces
:7 Bathroom Vanities, Mahogany47 Kitchen Cabinets/shelves/panels/bases,mah.3 Pantry Cabinets/gables, Mahogany5 Bar Cabinets/bases/top, Mahogany8 Boxes: 2 Bathroom L.e.d. Light Fixtures Artemide, Made In Italy, Metal/glass1 Box: 8 L.e.d. Light Bulbs 18w, Philips1 Box: 9 L.e.d. Light Housing, Hafele,aluminum/plastic1 Box: 6 Rools L.e.d. Lighst, 75 W.13 Transformerfor L.e.d. Lights, 15 Connectors Forl.e.d. Lights,20 Extension Cable For L.e.d. Lights1 Box: 2 Woodworking Clamps,bessy, Metal, 2masonry Drill Bits, Ucan, 3 Twistdrill Bits,alpen, 5 Bags Robertsonwood Screws, Steel,1 Bag Shelf Pins, Zinc Finish,6 Cable Bushings, Cbhcanada, St. Steel, 15 Door Stops,cbh Canada, St. Steel, 1 Door Lock,unison Hardware Canada, Metal,1 Door Hinge, Cbh Canada, St. Steel1 Bundle Spaces, Particle Board1 Spacer, Particle Boardp.o.r. B13 Stamp: 2017/05/12/11:32 210 000112
Halifax, NS
West Palm Beach, Florida
Kobi's Cabinets
21,319(KG) - 121pieces
:33 Pre-Hung Pocket And Hingeddoors, Mahogany36 Jamb Frames For Hinged Doors, Mahogany20 Bundles Door Jambs For Pocket Doorsand Door Stops, Mahogany1 Box Installation Tools (used), Screws, "nails, Glue. (28""x24""x21"")"11 Bundles Doorspacers Plywood4 Bundles Splines, Plywood1 Bundle 2 Straight Edges (wood), Level 8'5 Boxes Assorted Wood Shims1 Bundle Shims, Cedar2 Boxes Pl. Glue1 Mitre Saw, Used1 Bundle 2 Aluminum Angles For Pocket Doors1 Bag Fabric Rags4 Boxes Doors Hardware, Stainless Steelp.o.r. B13 Stamp: Tba
Halifax, NS
West Palm Beach, Florida

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