4432-Com-1, Ikea Purchasing

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 6 Import Shipments 3200 Horizon Dr. #120 Suite G10king Of Prussia, Pa. 19406 United Scustoms Department

Import History
6 Shipments

4432-Com-1, Ikea Purchasing
27,123(LB) - 618pieces
Ikea Home Furnishing Products(description Of Goods) This Shipment Contains No Solid Woodpacking Material 6361 Pcs10937-Sup-Ecis28173 10937-Sup-Ecis28319 15621-Sup-Ecis35062 20325-Sup-Ecis1828 9 20325-Sup-Ecis18322 22107-Sup-Ecis15452 22557-Sup-Ecis9347 22891-Sup-Ecis35978123048-Sup-Ecis4107 23239-Sup-Ecis1444
Houston, Texas
4432-Com-1, Ikea Purchasing
5,208(K) - 65pieces
Ikea Home Furnishing Productsikea Furniture And Home Furnishingproductsshipment Id 037-Tso-S1072388consignment 23078-Sup-Ecis8558126 Pcs
Miami, Florida
4432-Com-1, Ikea Purchasing
31,168(LB) - 71pieces
32352 Pieces 71 Packages Idshp: 991cps9453 Store 017-Dt Ikea Home Furnishing Products Hs Code Q'ty Article#n/a 12413-Sup-Ecis1390100330487 2000pcs Knalla Bag47 L Black/white #n/a 1241 3-Sup-Ecis13901 10328177 672pcs Forfina Pack Bag S6 Na630491 12413-Sup-Ecis1390144361010 150pcs Bryne Net White 63079090 12413-Sup-Ecis13901 70118968 240pcs Jall Laund Bag/stand 70 L White630619 12413-Sup-Ecis1390199304696 280pcs Frakta Tarpaulin 240x310 Blue 420292 12413-Sup-Ecis13938 1722834027600pcs Frakta Carrier Baglarge 71 L Blue 94036090 19717-Sup-014850 10208537 16pcs Applaro Chair, Out Foldable Brown Stained 94036090 19717-Sup-014850 20204925 72pcs Applaro Stool, Out Foldable Brown Stained 94036090 19717-Sup-014851 50305428 30pcs Skogsta Bench 60 Acacia940360 19717-Sup-014920 20378807 54pcs Skogsta N Diningtbl 235x100 Acacia 94017920119-Sup-Of5917 90095428450pcs Tarno Chair, Out Foldable Black/grey-Brown Stained940179 20119-Sup-Of5935 90095428 300pcs Tarno Chair, Out Foldable Black/grey-Brown Stained #n/a 21520-Sup-Ecis10192 40302963 140pcs Lauters Table Lamp Base 45 Brown Na9405109000 21520-Sup-Ecis10192 70155036 12pcs Boja Pend Lmp Bamboo Na #n/a 23183-Sup-Ecis950 00213488 192pcs Ragkorn Plant Pot 24 Rattan#n/a 23183-Sup-Ecis950 20213487 144pcs Ragkorn Plantpot 32 Rattan
Houston, Texas

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
5,208 17,203 31,168
Average Quantity

151 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Colombo Harbor 3 Savannah, Georgia
Yantian 1 Houston, Texas
1 Houston, Texas


3200 Horizon Dr. #120 Suite G10king Of Prussia, Pa. 19406 United Scustoms Department


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