Ozeki Sake(u.s.a.),inc.

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 164 Import Shipments 249 Hillcrest Roadhollister, Ca 95023, U.s.atel:831-637-9217fax:831-637-0953

Import History
164 Shipments

Ozeki Sake(u.s.a.),inc.
7,203(K) - 924pieces
Japanese Sake And Etcjapanese Sake & Etc9 Ctn Japanese Fortified Sake4 Ctn Japanese Sake (genbei San Noonikorosi)6 Ctn Japanese Sake16 Ctn Japanese Sake 3 Ctn Japanese Sake1 Ctn Japanese Sake4 Ctn Japanese Plum Liqueur20 Ctn Distilled Spirits(soju)3 Ctn Distilled Spirits(soju)2 Ctn Distilled Spirits(soju)1 Ctn Distilled Spirits (soju)25 Ctn Distilled Spirits(soju)10 Ctn Japanese Liquor10 Ctn Beer30 Ctn Japanese Sake30 Ctn Japanese Sake30 Ctn Japanese Sake (tokusen Miso)10 Ctn Japanese Sake (ozeki Sake, Onecup)60 Ctn Japanese Sake30 Ctn Japanese Sake10 Ctn Japanese Sake15 Ctn Japanese Sake (ozeki Daiginjyosake Chobei)80 Ctn Japanese Liqueur (goma Abura)30 Ctn Japanese Sake100 Ctn Japanese Liqueur60 Ctn Japanese Liqueur70 Ctn Japanese Liqueur65 Ctn Japanese Liqueur10 Ctn Japanese Sake (ozeki Sakejyosen Karatanba)180 Ctn Japanese Sake----------------------------------------924 P'kgshs Code 2206.00inv.no.18-0295"no-Wpm"temperature Set At 5.0 C.reefer Container
Los Angeles, California
Ozeki Sake(u.s.a.),inc.
8,170(KG) - 415pieces
Promotional Goods(display Barrel & E.t.c.)hs Code: 3002.90, 3201.90, 3507.903923.50, 3923.90, 4402.90, 4823.205911.90, 8413.50, 8414.59, 8419.819025.19
Oakland, California
Ozeki Sake(u.s.a.),inc.
9,270(K) - 2,480pieces
Empty Glass Bottle
Oakland, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
42 6,760 19,680
Average Quantity

2,511 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Kobe 55 Oakland, California
Tokyo 50 Los Angeles, California
Tokyo 39 Long Beach, California


249 Hillcrest Roadhollister, Ca 95023, U.s.atel:831-637-9217fax:831-637-0953


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