Contitech Beattie Co.

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36 Shipments

Contitech Beattie Co.
14,496(K) - 8pieces
Choke & Kill Hose(s Chain),mud Hose (s Chain)rotary Hosecement Hose(s Chain)7 Packages (7 Crates)dim 3270x840x3200mm 2870x1040x2800mm3270x1140x3200mm2870x940x2800mmhtn No 4009420090po No4500295725 Cbc378310delivery Note 81108648invoice No 51013203bop Hose 1 Glass Layers1,1 Palletsdim 1200x1000x2005mmhtn No 4009410000po No 4500292192,4500305581delivery Note 81108671,81108672invoice No 51013199,51013196total Number Of Packages8 Packages (7 Crates And1 Pallet)14496 Kg Gross11949 Kg Net
Houston, Texas
Contitech Beattie Co.
9,157(K) - 8pieces
Choke & Kill Hose(s Chain),mud Boost Hose (s Chain)7 Packages (6 Crates,1 Case)dim 3270x940x3200mm3270x540x3200mm 5390x500x5000mm2870x940x2800mmhtn No 4009420090po No4500281899 Cbc358984-5,4500294500,4500286750 Cbc365684,4500292718 Cbc372345delivery Note 81108628,81108652,81108612,81108650invoice No 51013162,51013160,51013164,51013165conduit Line Hose(s Chain)1 Packages (1 Crates)dim 2140x840x2140mmhtn No 4009420090po No 4500291802 Cbc370525delivery Note 81108594invoice No 51013163total Number Of Packages8 Packages (1 Case And7 Crates)9157 Kg Gross7017 Kg Net
Houston, Texas
Contitech Beattie Co.
8,567(K) - 8pieces
Choke & Kill Hose(s Chain)4 Packages (4 Crates)dim 3270x840x3200mm3270x440x3200mm3270x640x3200mmhtn No 4009420090 Po No 4500291802 Cbc3705254500281542 Cbc358378,4500286274 Cbc364728delivery Note 81108592,81108591,81108593invoice No 51013130,51013129,51013131bop Hose 1 Glass Layers1,bop Hose 1 1 2 Glasslayer 1 Palletsdim 1200x1000x2005mm,1950x1950x2100mmhtn No 4009410000po No 4500292192,4500278180delivery Note 81108602,81108601,81108548invoice No 51013138,51013137,51013133vibrator Hose1 Casedim 2780x400x400mmhtn No 4009410000po No4500283033 Cbc3600068delivery Note 81108417invoice No 51013140conduit Hose (s Chain)1 Cratedim 2140x940x2140mm,htn No 4009410000po No4500289657 Cbc368670delivery Note 81108590invoice No 51013128total Number Of Packages8 Packages (1 Case,5 Crates And 2 Pallet)8567 Kg Gross7012 Kg Net
Houston, Texas

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Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
460 9,324 15,605
Average Quantity

9 items

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2 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Bremerhaven 31 Houston, Texas
Istanbul 5 New York, New York


11535 Brittmoore Park Dr.houston Tx 77041 Us


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