Megatech Industries Jablonec S.r.o.

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 67 Export Shipments Na Hutich 19jablonec Nad Nisou 5cz

Export History
67 Shipments

Megatech Industries Jablonec S.r.o.
398(KG) - 2pieces
------------ Tghu6333454 Description---------2 Package(s)398 Kgm1.536 Mtqautomotive Partsfile: 375 5558not Stackable 2/120 80 80 Cms-------------Generic Description-------------
Charleston, South Carolina
Megatech Industries Jablonec S.r.o.
5,572(KG) - 66pieces
Automotive Partsfile No: 366 59921/60x40x30 Cms1/40x30x20 Cmsstackableautomotive Partsfile: 366 6053 Stackable1/80x120x49 Cmsautomotive Partsfile No: 366 9615stackable7/40x30x20 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 6235stackable1/30x30x20 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 6249stackable3/120x100x132 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 6259--not Stackable--3/40x30x30 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 6280not Stackable3/120x80x85 Cmsautomotive Partsfile No: 366 6306stackable1/120x80x150 Cmsautomotive Partsfile No: 366 6340not Stackable1/120x80x50 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 6347not Stackable1/80x60x100 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 7083stackable1/40x30x20 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 7092not Stackable1/80x120x40 Cmsautomotive Partsfile No: 366 7100not Stackable2/120x100x30 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 7109stackable1/30x30x20 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 4166not Stackable1/80x60x60 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 7217stackable8/120x80x120 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 7248not Stackbable2/30x20x13 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 7307stackable2/116x76x110 Cmsautomotive Partsfile No: 366 7328not Stackable1/80x120x150 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 7360stackable5/120x100x125 Cms1/120x100x75 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 5344not Stackable1/120x100x60 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 5352not Stackable1/120x80x80automotive Partsfile: 366 5366not Stackable1hp /60x40x43 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 5374stackable2/120x100x100 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 8757stackable1/120x100x110 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 8790stackable2/120x100x140 Cmsautomotive Partsfile: 366 88102ew/120x80x90 Cmsstackableautomotive Partsfile No. 366 8820not Stackable1/120x100x30 Cmsautomotive Partsfile No: 366 88351/90x60x30 Cmsnot Stackable1/30x25x15 Cmsstackable1/90x60x40 Cmsnot Stackable1/30x25x15 Cms1/30x30x25 Cmsstackableautomotive Partsfile: 366 88601kt / 31x22x11 Cmsnot Stackable
Savannah, Georgia
Megatech Industries Jablonec S.r.o.
104(KG) - 1pieces
Automotive Parts
Charleston, South Carolina

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
5 256 5,572
Average Quantity

3 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Bremerhaven 40 Charleston, South Carolina
Bremerhaven 26 Houston, Texas
Bremen 1 Charleston, South Carolina


Na Hutich 19jablonec Nad Nisou 5cz


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