C.h. Robinson Freight Service (hong Kong) Ltd.

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Export History
40 Shipments

C.h. Robinson Freight Service (hong Kong) Ltd.
7,583(KG) - 876pieces
Kitchenware(metal & Plastic Goods)po 209057item 1099simple Slicer W/pusher Version 25004 Pcs417 Ctns Po 209060item 2175easy Read Measuringcup Set5016 Pcs209 Ctnspo 208972item 2605breading Tray/f073000 Pcs250 Ctnshb/l No: Hkg17080838scac Code: Chsl
Hong Kong
Long Beach, California
C.h. Robinson Freight Service (hong Kong) Ltd.
15,742(KG) - 1,744pieces
177 Ctnspo 208578item Code : 53701tpc 1519 Cutting Board Flx 3/s(total Quantity : 8496 Sets)hs Code : 3920.20.9090105 Ctns Po 208925item Code : 53701tpc 1519 Cutting Board Flx 3/s(total Quantity : 5,040 Sets)hs Code : 3920.20.9090kitchenware(4,020 Pcs / 201 Ctns)mulit-Masher/f'06po 208553hts 392410toss And Choppo 76163 (208206) /item No. S05177 /25020 Pcs / 695 Ctnshts 821300250 Ctnsplastic Microware Rice Cooker(black)po Number 208373qty : 3000 Pcshts 392410107 Ctns Of Plastic/metalkitchenware(84 Ctns Of Knife H.s.no.8214 9023 Ctns Of Brush H.s.no.9603 90)p.o.no. 208363, 208364kitchenware(metal & Plastic Goods)po 208339item 2257snap Fit Measuring Cups5016 Pcs209 Ctnshts 392410hb/l No: Hkg17080099scac Code: Chsl
Hong Kong
Long Beach, California
C.h. Robinson Freight Service (hong Kong) Ltd.
4,594(KG) - 498pieces
447 Ctns Packed On20 Plts +51 Ctnsref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------8ctns 1152pcscircuit Assembly Pm-030-083 P/n 100059a(consignment)hts :8504.40.9510ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------2ctns 750pcspb-156-01 Power Supply Pcap/n 1016054(consignment)hts 8504.40.9510ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------1plt 45ctns 2160pcsswitch Power Supplyp/n 900477 Rev 7 Ps-596-01-Pal(consignment)hts :8504.40.9510ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------8ctns 12000pcsh.v.wire Lead Assypm-030-097-1p/n 900478(consignment)hts 8544.60.2000ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------1ctn 5000pcswire Assemblyp/n 900662 Pm-030-065-01(consignment)hts 8544.42.9000ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------1ctn 2500pcswire Assemblyp/n 900663 Pm-030-065-02(consignment)hts 8544.42.9000ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------3ctns 12000pcspb-191-01 Pcb Assy(901156)p/n 901156(consignment)hts 8534.00.0095ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------3ctns 12000pcspm-030-117 Wireharness(901161)p/n 901161(consignment)hts :8544.60.2000ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------20ctns 5000pcspm-030-095a Circuitassemblyp/n 902439(consignment)hts :8534.00.0095ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------2plts 42ctns 2016pcspower Supplyp/n 902657 Ps-603-04(consignment)hts :8504.40.9510ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------6plts 126ctns 8064pcsli-Ion Battery Chargerp/n 902661 Pt-244-01a(902661)(consignment)hts :8504.40.9510ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------8ptls 144ctns 6912pcs8.4v Battery Chargerp/n 902672 Pt-254-01(consignment)hts :8504.40.9510ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------2plts 72ctns 5184pcscircuit Assemblyp/n 905628 Pm-030-090b(consignment)hts :8534.00.0095ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------1plt 18ctns 1152pcspower Supply Ps-603-01p/n B0021(consignment)hts :8504.40.9510ref Your P.o. No.: 40387----------------------------------------------5ctns 240pcspower Supplyp/n B0021anz Ps-603-04a(consignment)hts :8504.40.9510hbl Hkg16090712scac Code: Chsl
Hong Kong
Los Angeles, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
1,945 8,956 34,350
Average Quantity

969 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Hong Kong 19 Los Angeles, California
Yantian 6 Los Angeles, California
Yantian 6 Tacoma, Washington


Ever Gain Plaza, 88 Container


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