Lanxess Corp.att. Marilyn

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 3 Import Shipments Lankemeyer Fax: 001-412-809-1069111 Parkwest Dr. Pittsburgh Pa15275-1112 Usa

Import History
4 Shipments

Lanxess Corp.att. Marilyn
36,849(LB) - 72pieces
Ponu 091043-3 20/dry 8'6" Shipper's Seal: 417071 72 Roll.chan.drum (steel) Gross Weight:16714.800 Kgs Measurement: 23.907441 Cbm 18 Heat Treatedpallet Benzyl Alcoholpure Hs No. 29062100 M Arks And Numbers: Corporate Logo 0310702633 10 Benzyl Alcohol Pure Batch/datum Chchlt0245 Md :22/01/2014 Ed :22/01/2015gross Kg Net Kg Madein 3013644977 10 Customer Reference: 20362675
Houston, Texas
Lanxess Corp.att. Marilyn
74,780(LB) - 32pieces
Msku 395045-0 20/dry 8'6" Shipper's Seal: 419964 16 Ibc Gross Weight: 16960.000 Kgs Measurement: 22.08 Cbm Benzyl Alcohol Pure Hs No. 29062100marks And Numbers: Corporatelogo 0310696030 10 Benz Yl Alcohol Pure Batch/datum Chchls4294 Md :24/12/2013 Ed :22/06/2014 Gross Kgnet Kg Made In 3013609889 10 Msku 357107-7 20/dry8'6" Shipper's Seal: 419965 16 Ibc Gross Weight: 16960.000kgs Measurement: 22.08 Cbm Benzyl Alcohol Pure Hs No.29062100 Marks And Numbers:corporate Logo 0310696029 10 Benzyl Alcohol Purebatch/datum Chchls4293 Md:24/12/2013 Ed :22/06/2014gross Kg Net Kg Made In3013609885 10 Customer Reference: 20334540
Houston, Texas
Lanxess Corp.att. Marilyn
20,100(KG) - 60pieces
15 Pallets Heat Treatedsulfur Monochlorideroll.chan.drum -steel- 300 Kgdunnage Material - 100 Kosactual Gross Cargo Weight -20200.000 Koshs Code - 28121091 Toxic By Inhalation Liquid,corrosive, N.o.s.disulfur Dichlorideimdg- 6.1 Un No- 3390 I60 Roll.chan.drums -steel-;freight Prepaid;eta- 31 Oct 2012;agent At Destination-Apl Englewooddenver Customer Support Center116 Inverness Drive Eastsuite 400englewood, Co 80112-5127tel- 800-999-7733fax- 800-711-7254;
Charleston, South Carolina

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
20,100 43,909 74,780
Average Quantity

54 items

Trade Partners

2 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Rotterdam 2 Houston, Texas
Rotterdam 1 Charleston, South Carolina


Lankemeyer Fax: 001-412-809-1069111 Parkwest Dr. Pittsburgh Pa15275-1112 Usa


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