Coastal Consulting & Products Co.,

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 11 Import Shipments 1548 Mims Avenue, S.w. Birmingal35211, United States Of Amer

Import History
11 Shipments

Coastal Consulting & Products Co.,
16,960(KG) - 14pieces
Refractory Materialspacked On 14shrink Wrapped Palletskm 63 Special (7 X1045kg Pallets) 7.315 Tonnechrome- Magnesia -120 Rclmd (6 X 1500kg Pallets) 9.000tonne 3mmx250x500superflex Panels 300 Piecesearth Spider Top550 No Rod 50 Piecesif 2al Permeablediffuser 7205 C94al:16'' Full Bspthread Plus 3/8'' Fittings Kits10 Piecespermeable Diffuser7220 C94al: Plus 3/8'' Fitting Kit18 Piecesgas Diffuser 1/4''b.s.p. Plug Replacement Kits 24 Kitsplain Labels,(blue X 5, Yellow X10, Red X 10) 25rollsfreight Prepaidtotal Net Weight: 16610kgs
Charleston, South Carolina
Coastal Consulting & Products Co.,
16,520(KG) - 19pieces
19 Shrink Wrapped Palletsrefractory/ Raw Materials/itemsorder No. 2020, Delivery No. 59081 -invoice No. 39493km 63 Special (10 X 1045kgpallets) 10.450 Tonnechrome - Magnesia - 120# Rclmd (2 X 1500kg Pallets)3.000 Tonneffb231 0.300 Tonneorder No. 2014, Delivery No.58988- Invoice No.39494permeablediffuser7220 C94al:plus 3/8fitting Kit30 Piecesplain Labels10 White, 5 Purple,5 Blue = 20 Rollsorder No.2046, Delivery No.59276 -invoice No. 39495if 2al Permeable Diffuser7205 C94al: 16 Fullbspthread Plus 3/8 Fittings Kits15 Piecesred Paperbags 21360 Piecesnett Wight: 16045 Kgfreight Prepaid
Charleston, South Carolina
Coastal Consulting & Products Co.,
15,765(KG) - 17pieces
Refractory/raw Materials
Charleston, South Carolina

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
11,155 15,713 17,442
Average Quantity

148 items

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2 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Hamble 10 Charleston, South Carolina
Yantian 1 Savannah, Georgia


1548 Mims Avenue, S.w. Birmingal35211, United States Of Amer


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