Bayannaoer City Dazhong Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.

Bayannaoer City Dazhong Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.

Bayannaoer, China (Mainland)
Address Jianshe Street, Shanba Town
Personal phone 15104785452
Office phone 86-0478-6623257
Bayannaoer City Dazhong Commercial Trade Co., Ltd. It lies in the beautiful and rich Hetao Plain,Hetao Plain is Chinese major grain and oil production base, Here close to the Yellow River, fertile soil let the plants grow well,Irrigation is very convenient,Big temperature difference between day and night,full of sunshine,With the unique conditions for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. Abundant Crops are wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, tomato, melons and other high-quality agricultural products, here became Inner Mongolia's first "green food production base of raw materials model flag"in 2003,it hasBeen identified as the state's grain-producing counties and the national standards for pollution-free agricultural demonstration zone By the Ministry of Agriculture,Deep processing of agricultural products and the development of green food series has great potential. Our company is located in Inner Mongolia's largest sunflower seeds and tomato sauce, the main producing areas - Bayannaoer City. The company mainly produces sunflower seeds and tomato paste, Our company has sunflower seeds and tomato paste import and export rights, Has its own production bases of agricultural products and Plant, Thus, in terms of quality and price has a special advantage, We have already invested 70 million yuan to build factories, we recommend Domestic advanced production line equipment, have 200 factory workers, more than 8,000 tons of sunflower seeds are produced annually, more than 8,000 tons of tomato paste are produced annually. Our company has a professional quality inspection department, For food safety, Soil analysis, Environmental monitoring carried out Expert Analysis, In our strict quality control, We can guarantee product quality,And has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and HACCP certification. In the many years of production and management process, our company Has accumulated a wealth of practical experience, Products are mainly exported to the Middle East, North America, Europe and other countries.Excellent quality, A stable supply of goods, Sincere service, At the same time, we win the majority of customers trust and praise. Bayannaoer City Dazhong Commercial Trade Co., Ltd. is willing to make use of this platform insight for a better future! Bayannaoer City Dazhong Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.

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