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HKDHL、UPS普货,纯电池,带牌手机及配件,化妆品出口,当天更新。巴西双清(以高价值产品为主),可提供手机屏返修进口服务,时效快,安全稳定。电话微信:13627906975 梁生 QQ:2850166403
  • Reviewed Jun 11, 2018
lu liang
lu liang


HKSebo New Display Co., Ltd is located at Bao’an District, Shenzhen. We focus on TFT LCD module production and R&D. 

The sizes of TFT LCD modules we are offering are: 

1.44", 1.77", 2.0", 2.2", 2.4", 2.8", 3.0", 3.2", 3.5", 4.3", 5.0", 7.0", 8”,9.7" and 10.1"and other sizes for industrial or special area.

Application of our lcd panles:

Our products are widely used for banking machines, communication tools, household appliances, automobile instruments, mobile phone, video door phone, E-book, stock mobile, MP5, tablet PC, GPS navigator and so on. 

TFT lcd displays: 
We introduce our line of TFT LCD display solutions to help customers create products such as PDAs, PMP, GPS, cell phones, mp3 players, medical devices, and Portable Navigation. Our LCDs offer rugged construction and durability, high brightness and contrast ratios, fast response times and wide operation temperature ranges.

Oled Displays:

HKSebo introduces our line of OLED display solutions to help customers create products that require a display with lower power consumption, wider viewing angles, higher color contrast, fast response times and low cost. They are suitable for devices such as portable media players, mobile phones, digital cameras, car radios, and applications that require readability in sunlight

LCD Modules:

HKSebo produces various types of LCD Displays, either standard or custom. With character display formats ranging from 8×2 through 40×4, our LCD modules are a great fit for many industries such as mining, oil & gas communication terminals, military as well as consumer electronics and home electrical appliances.  We offer customization for pin and connector, cable, touch panel, backlight type and PCB.

Our factory:

We have the first-class automatic production line and the specialized management and R&D team. Now we own LCM division, TP division, SMT division, FPC division and backlight division. 

Customized service:

Customized backlight

Customized Resistive touch panel or Capacitive touch panel

Customized AD board with VGA/HDMI interface

Customized FPC or LVDS cables

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lu liang
lu liang


  • Reviewed Jun 11, 2018

dhl - HKDHL、UPS普货,纯电池,带牌手机及配件,化妆品出口,当天更新。巴西双清(以高价值产品为主),可提供手机屏返修进口服务,时效快,安全稳定。电话微信:13627906975 梁生 QQ:2850166403

Ivy Lucas
Ivy Lucas

Marketing Manager @

  • Reviewed Nov 11, 2014

Straight forward - My client is in need of a 2.4inch Transparent OLED screen for mobile phone use so I contacted Anne Fu from HKSebo New Display Co., Ltd. She was very responsive to my inquiry, and courteous in answering most of my questions. She's very easy to comprehend with; I would rate her English 7 out of 10. It is also good to know that they have many customers importing the same product.
We’re still in the process of gathering information from other manufacturers, but I would be glad to include HKSebo New Display Co., Ltd. to my list of potential suppliers.

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