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Susan Hu
Susan Hu

Susan Hu


Now I work for Shanghai Profirst, which is a very good experience in my life. 
Glad to be one in the agrochemical field and know about the crop protecion, mainly including weed, insect and disease control.
As my job deals with marketing, I am keen on learning about everthing about marketing and international sales. Study on products and find the selling point, study on the target market according on some statical data, customers and local policy trend, learn about designing software to help marketing, know about the export operations and destination custom regulation...
Thanks to my job, my company, my colleague, my customers and friends here, I get something new everyday and that's what I highly value.

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Company Introduction

We Shanghai Profisrt engage in production, development, and sale of agrochemicals and adjuvants. 

Our most strong products are as follows:


  • PASS: tank mix silicone super spreader for agrochemicals, Silwet 408 similar
  • PASS-PH: pH stable spreader, as in-can additive
  • PASS-Powder: wetting additive in solid formulations of pesticides and fertilizers
  • PASS-HB: tank mix silicone super spreader for systemic herbicides like Glyphosate SL
  • PASS-77: tank mis super spreader for agrochemicals, Silwet L-77 similar
  • PASS-LF: low foam super spreader
  • Pro-APG: APG0810 green wetter for glyphosate SL formulation
  • Pro-DFM: tank mix silicone antifoam emulsion for water-based agrochemicals
  • Pro-XTG: Xanthan Gum as thickener and suspension stabilizer for SC formulation 
  • Pro-THK: thickener for Abamectin EC 
  • Herbicides: Glyphosate, Cyhalofop-butyl, Isoxaflutole, Bispyribac Sodium, Clodinafop-propargyl, Nicosulfuron, Clethodim, Dicamba, S-metolachlor
  • Herbicide safener: Fluxofenim, Cyprosulfamide, Cloquintocet-mexyl
  • Insceticides: Fipronil, Thiamethoxam, Indoxacarb, ALP, Lambda-cyhalothrin, Spirodiclofen, Abamectin
  • Fungicides: Azoxystrobin, Chlorothalonil, Imazalil, Metalaxyl-M, Difenoconazole, Copper hydroxide, Tebuconazole 
  • Plant growth regulators: Prohexadione-calcium, Mepiquat Chloride, Brassinolide, 6-BA, DA-6, CPPU, IBA, GA3, NAA 
  • Mollusicide: Metaldehyde
  • Rodenticide: Brodifacoum, Bromadiolone

If any interests about any obove products, feel free to contact us. 

You are welcomed to visit our webiste:

Company website:

Contact name: Susan
Email: ,
Mobile/Whatsapp: +86 15902190115
Skype: profirst-susan

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