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Bessi Tang
Bessi Tang

Bessi Tang

Okay Energy Equipment is  a manufacturer of oxy-hydrogen generators which can used in welding, cutting,heating,polishing and car engine carbon cleaning.

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Company Introduction

Changsha City Okay Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Changsha City, Hunan Province, China. We are specialized in researching and manufacturing Oxy-hydrogen Generators, Water Welding Machines, Flame polishing machines and car engine carbon cleaning machine. We have kept close cooperation with institutions of higher learning for several years. Furthermore, we are keeping devoting ourselves to improving old products and developing new products, and doing our best to meet the market demand. 

All of our products are manufacturing in accordance with the international quality management system and will do rigorous tests before delivery. 

We have 5 utility model patents. We have a professional technology development team which has 20 technical personnel and more than 50 production staff members. We can produce 200 units of hydrogen generators per month to meet the needs of customers. 

Our products can run 24 hours continuously and the main machine can run over 5 years. Many clients have purchased our machines for six years and the machines are still in good condition. 

At present, we can provide two series of type products: small portable type oxy-hydrogen: OH100, OH200, OH300 & OH400, and medium type oxy-hydrogen: OH1000, OH1500, OH3000, OH5500 & OH7500. 

Integrity is our promise, and quality is our goal. We aim at creating an "Energy Saving & Emission Reduction" new world. Welcome buyers from at home and abroad to visit our company and purchase our products. 

Read more Information, please visit our website: www.okayny.com/English 

About Energy Technology: 

Specialized in researching and manufacturing oxy-hydrogen generators, our company takes possession of many patents as follows. 
1) Patented Integration of Water Electrolysis Cell Forming 
Our electrolysis cell Integration is used by Large Module in order to ensure "No Leakage, Explosion-proof, Long Life Cycle". 
2) Patented Electrolysis Power Supply based SCM 
Our Power Supply is specially designed for Electrolysis. 
For Example: 
2.1 Constant current control by temperature feedback control 
2.2 Current adjust by users to meet the constant flux of oxy-hydrogen gas 
2.3 Efficient energy conversion (AC TO DC) based IGBT 
2.4 Special cooling design for working 24 hours continues 
3) Patented Multi-layer ANTI-FIRE Water Seal Technology 
Water Seal Device is an important unit of oxy-hydrogen generators. This unit is designed for backfire-proof and it works 100% OK. 
4) Automatic Water Level Detection Technology 
We design it by ourselves, and it is used for detecting the water level of electrolysis cells and water-deposit tanks. When water height is too low, the alert lamp will be turn up. When water height is the lowest, the power supply will switch off to proof the oxy-hydrogen generator. 
5) Water Automatic Replenishment Technology 
When water height of the electrolysis cell is too low, the system will start automatically to pump water from water deposit tank. 
6) High-efficiency Gas Water Separator Technology 
This Technology is used to separate the water from gas and ensure the gas purity. If oxy-hydrogen gas has some water (even little), the temperature of the oxy-hydrogen flame will become lower. 
7) Electrolyte - Automatic Cycle Technology 
We realize Electrolyte Cycle by the static way. Don't use the pump, because the pump is a mechanic unit which is easily damaged.

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