Detailed Product Description
1. Light gauge metal frame
2.Easy assemble&disassemble
3. Long life & repeated use
4. Environment -friendly Products

Reliable structure: light steel structure system, safe and reliable.

Disassembly and convenient: housing can be repeated disassembly, can be reused 6 times. The installation process needs only simple tools. The average per person per day can be installed 2030 square meters.

Beautiful decoration: the whole house beautiful, bright color, texture soft, smooth surface, good decoration effect.

Flexible layout: doors and windows can be arranged in any position, indoor partition can be of arbitrary transverse axis. A set of stairs in the outdoor.

Structural waterproof: housing using structural waterproof design, without adding any waterproof processing.

Long service life: light steel structure of the anti-corrosion coating processing, the normal use of ordered up to 10 years.

Environmental conservation: housing design is reasonable, convenient assembly and disassembly, and can be used repeatedly, the low rate of loss, no construction waste. The annual average cost is much lower than other materials of similar housing structures.

Specifications and diverse:housing using standardized components, length and width were K (1K=1820mm) as the module. Housing dimension transverse to the longitudinal dimension MK+160, NK+160)


1) Wall panel: sandwich panel with color steel two sides and EPS foam filling

     width:1200mm  1k=1200 

2) Column: C style steel, H shape 

3) Floor beam: C style steel,200*40*2.0mm 

4) Floor: light magnesium board (our patent) 

5) Stair: metal 

6) Roof truss: angle steel 

7) Purling tube metal 

8) Roof panel: corrugated sandwich panel with color steel two sides and EPS foam filling 

9) Wave height: 35mm 

10) Trim of tile: color steel sheet 

11) Door: aluminum frame with panel same as wall, with lock 

12) Window: 63 series sliding window with glass 

13) Rust-proof way of building: painted or GI. 

This list is for your reference but the combination can vary according to customer’s instruction. 

Size: mK X nK X ap = width x length x height  ( K=1.82m, P=O.95m) One floor= 3P =2.85m, two floors =6P. three floors=9P 


The house can be widely used as office, meeting room, dormitory, shop, exhibition center... In the fields of building, railway, highway, water conservancy project, electric power, business, tourism and military use. The houses are all air-tight, heat-tight, warm-keeping, water-proof and anti-corrosive.


1.Attractive design- -the whole house looks beautiful and elegant. The inner, outer walls and the roof boarding all use the color steel sandwich panel, the material is polystyrene foam.
2.Light weight and convenient in shipping.
3.Easy to assemble and dismantle: the house can be rebuilt for dozens of times. The assembling only requires simple tools: plugs and screw.
4.Firm structure- the house adopts steel frame structure and sandwich panels.
5.Our houses are completely waterproof.
6.The house can be customized. The roof, wall, door, windows can be chosen by the customer.
7.Durable--the steel frame parts are all processed with anti-corrosion coating and can be used for as long as 20 years.


FOB Price: US $ 40-200/ Square Meter
Minimum Order: 200 Square Meter/Square Meters
Port: Nansha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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