Sodium humate is a polymer heterogeneous aromatic hydroxy acid salt, It is in powder or granular, Soluble in water and of alkaline features, It comprises many active function groups of hydroxyl and carboxylic acid salt, It has the multi-function of ion exchanger, absorption, complexing, chelation, flocculation, dispersion and adhesion. Specification: Sodium humate 75%min 75%min 80%min 85%min 85%min Humic acid (dry basis) 45%min 45%min 50%min 55%min 60%min Moisture 15%max 15%max 15%max 15%max 15%max pH value 9-10 9-10 9-10 9-10 9-10 Form In granule 2-4mm or powder 80-120mesh 1) In industry: It can be used as porcelain synergist, drilling mud dehydrating agent, wasted water treatment agent, soft-water coloring agent, ion exchange agent, and water treatment agent in boilers 2) In agriculture: It can be used as soil ameliorator, plant growth stimulator, animal feed additive and animal medicine agent in agriculture


FOB Price: 240USD-550USD
Minimum Order: 20T
Port: Huangpu or Tianjin
Payment Terms: T/T OR LC

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