1.AA2100mAh battery in blister card Key Specifications 1.AA2100mAh battery in blister card 2. Long cycle life, low self -discharge 3. Min. Order: 500 Pieces FOB Price: $0.6~$1.0 AA Ni-MH battery Typical capacity: 2300mAh Resistance: ≤35mΩ Features: 1. Super quality with high capacity rechargeable battery. 2. Good quick charge performance; 3. Long cycle life; 4. No memory accumulation; 5. Green energy sources, no pollution; 6. Extensive temperature range; 7. Good safety performance. Application range: Toys, R/C products, power tools, E-bike, MP3, MP4, cordless phone, PMP, P-DVD, GPS, digital cameras, video camera, cleaner, mobile light/lamp, backup, medicine equipment, miner's lamp and other high-tech electronics products


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