2.No Tar,carcinogenic substances
3.Great vapor,large capacity


-Large battery capacity 650MAH/900MAH/1100MAH

-A full charger battery can last for:  800puffs(650MA) / 1000puffs(900MA) /  1200puffs(1100MA)

-Long battery lifespan over 300 times and superior vapor production.

-Charger time:4-5 hours

-CE,ROHS certification

-Price is negotiable for large orders.

Electronic Cigarette Benefits:

-No Ash and No Tar

Electronic cigarettes do not contain ash, tar, real smoke nor other chemicals.

-No Smoke and Lingering Odor

The electronic cigarette vapor dissipates quickly and has essentially no smell.

-Saves Money

Electronic cigarettes can save you money.

-Replicates Smoking Experience - Satisfies Cravings

An electronic cigarette let's regular smokers experience the physical action of smoking.

-No Stained Teeth

Electronic cigarettes do not stain your teeth.

-Use Anytime or Anywhere!

Since electronic cigarettes contain no tar, emit no second hand smoke, and are non-flammable. Their use should not be prohibited under most laws.

-Choice of Flavor and Strength

Electronic Cigarette cartridges come in various  flavors and strengths of nico.

-Environment Friendly / Green

There are no buds to dispose which can cause wildfire and account for a huge amount of litter across the city.

-Makes your Family Happy!

All the above benefits will be greatly appreciated by your friends and family!


FOB Price: FOB USD 16~17 / Set
Minimum Order: 20 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,Paypal

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