R.O Water Reuse System 10-50T /H
1. Advanced technology
2. Low energy consumption
3. Considerate after-sale service

 R.O Water Reuse System 10-50T/H


a)          Runs automatically and controlled by PLC

b)          Protection system, plant turns off if it encounters a fault

c)          Energy saving and low noise, no need to heat

d)          Stable running, high desalination and recovery rate with no pollution

e)          Compact structure and saves installation place

f)           Easy to operate, wash RO membrane when turn on and off

g)          Dependable performance and long life time

h)          Highly efficient and low carbon emissions


  • Application range:
  • Treated printing and dyeing wastewater, plating wastewater, refuse leachate, and printed circuit board (PCB) plant wastewater.
  • Reuse standard:
  • Influent quality:
  • Conductance rate:≤10000us/cm
  • COD: 200-300 PPM
  • SDI ≤ 6.0
  • Product water quality:
  •  Meet the health standards of life drinking water (WHO) standard and return into the production crafts.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: FOB Qingdao
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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