1.Hair rebonding perm 1000mlx3
2.Keeps hair silky,moisturizing and winningness
3.OEM order welcome

 G'OVMIA 2011 Pearl blue rebonding with factory price


1.Contains aptitude temperature-control factor,abudant in nutrient element  and specially good effect of resist-heat factor.

2.In particular,adding high energy hydrating factor,amino acid,provitamin etc compound nutrition,It enhances water supply and repair when straightening hair.

3.Keeps hair silky,moisturizing and winningness.

4.Pearl rebonding is specifically made and produced for professional hairdressers to be used in straightening and smoothening our thick,coarse,frizzy,wavy,or curly hair without causing hairm or damage on scalp and hair.


No 1:Cetyl alcohol,Octadecanol,Hexadecyl trimethylam monium chloride(HTMAC),Thioglycollic acid,Monoethanolamine,Humectant,Silicon oil,Propylene glycol.

No 2:Cetyl alcohol,Octadecanol,Stearic glyceride,Disodium hydrogen phosphate,Phenacetin,Hydrogen peroxide,Propylene glycol

No 3:Cetyl alcohol,Octadecanol,Stearic glyceride,Hexadecyl trimethylam monium chloride(HTMAC),silicon oil,Vitamine B5,Abtiseptic,White mineral oil,Pearl essence,Pigment


1.Shampoo hair and blow dry to 80%;

2.Apply solution A evenly about 1 to 2 cm away from root;

3.Generally,the reaction time last 25-45 minutes;

4.Wash hair then blow dry

5.Adjust temperature of flat iron to 160-180°c,and then straighten the hair in a 90 degree angle;

6.After completely straightening once or twice,apply solution b about 1 to 2 cm away from the hairline.Leaves it for 10-15 minutes;

7.Wash hair then apply solution c away from hairline1 to 2cm and leaves it for 5-10mins;

8.Finally rinse hair and blow dry;


1.Unsuitable for pregnant woman,or people with scalp injury or sensibility yo the product.

2.Do not let the softener (agent A) stain the scalp;

3.Applied by professional hairdressers only;

4.Keep out of reach of children.

5.Store it in cool,dry place.


FOB Price: FOB USD 2.93~4.5 / Piece
Minimum Order: 50 Carton/Cartons
Port: Shenzhen,Guangdong
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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